– by Nick Doll

The Grinch returns to theaters for the 2018 Holiday. Only this time… he’s animated!

Sure, I grew up with a VHS copy of the original 1996 animated short How The Grinch Stole Christmas that I watched to death (literally, I destroyed the VHS… or my VCR did…) starring Boris Karloff’s singing voice, so an animated Grinch is nothing new. And I am thankful we are getting a CGI Grinch film instead of another awful live-action one (the director of which, Ron Howard, just completed Solo: A Star Wars Story…).

It all looks adorable, as most Illumination films do — they’re all either adorable or annoying as s–t — and will actually be the last Dr. Suess film from the company, as Warner Bros. recently acquired rights to all of Dr. Suess’ stories and characters. Warner Bros. Animation is planning on starting with a Cat in the Hat film.

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Though we don’t get to hear the delicious voice of Benedict Cumberbatch… yet (could you pick a better actor to voice any sort of Grinch?), the footage raises no red flags, and at this point actually looks adorable. But, let’s give Illumination and Universal a few months, they’ll make it annoying.

What is already annoying is making the first TV Spot for The Grinch a commercial for the Olympics. Damn you, synergy! Can’t Comcast’s NBC Universal brand keep itself from sinking so low? (The answer is no, no they can’t).

The Grinch is written by Ken Duario, Michael LeSieur, Cinco Paul, and Raymond S. Persi. It is directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier, the man behind Kevin Smith, who produced every one of his films up until Red State and helped launched Smith’s podcasting empire with Smodcast in 2006.

The Grinch’s current release date is November 9, 2018.

What do you think of the first TV Spot for The Grinch? Annoying or adorable? You decide!

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