– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Without a doubt, one of the biggest Oscar contenders this year is Alejandro Iñárritu’s western, THE REVENANT. The film has already won a few Golden Globes, so it seems like a shoo-in for at least some major Academy Awards, but it does face some pretty stiff competition this year. At face value, THE REVENANT is a pretty standard revenge tale set in the early 1800s in an ice-cold west, but one of the bigger draws of the picture isn’t necessarily the premise, but the talent involved.

The director’s last film, BIRDMAN, took in four major Academy Awards last year, so his talent is a given. On board with him for THE REVENANT is the same cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki. Of course, two of the biggest draws of the picture are its two leads: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy–the former of which is overdue for an Oscar, and the latter of which isn’t far behind. All in all, the film has the pedigree for all the Oscar glory.

20th Century Fox knows this, and seems to really be pushing this film, and they’ve gone the extra mile with this new documentary entitled A WORLD UNSEEN, which chronicles the making of the film. 

Check it out below!

This is the perfect time to release a documentary like this. It goes without saying that members of the Academy are all film buffs, so give them a “making of” feature like this, and it’s likely to give them a greater appreciation of all the work that went into the making the film. Even someone like me, who was lukewarm on the movie itself, found way too much to love about this. Despite the fact that I think there were better movies this year, I almost want to vote for this film after watching the documentary. Well played, 20th Century Fox. Well played. 

What do you think of the documentary? Do you think THE REVENANT will be taking home the Best Picture Oscar this year? Let us know your thoughts down below!

SOURCE: 20th Century Fox

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