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It’s been a couple years since audiences have been treated to a Christopher Nolan joint. His most recent flick, Interstellar, was grand in scope, grand in ideas, and did its best to actually give the characters a real emotional underpinning. As well intended as the film was, however, there is still a bit of a debate among geekdom as to whether or not it managed to stick the landing.

Regardless of what you thought of that film, Christopher Nolan has certainly made quite the name for himself. Each of his movies go beyond simple movies: they are events in and of themselves. This seems to be a trend that will continue in his latest film, Dunkirk. I’m not typically one for war films, but even the little that we’ve seen of Dunkirk has piqued my interest, and this trend continues with the release of a spankin’ new poster. This wasn’t all, however. Along with the poster, they’ve also released a map that gives audiences an idea of where this story takes place, and what type of geography they’re dealing with.

Check them both out below!

This latest poster seems to definitely fit in Christopher Nolan’s wheelhouse: flawed characters thrown into fantastic circumstances. The imagery in this latest piece is astounding, and gives the whole scenario a great deal of weight. While I can definitely see the criticism that Nolan’s films are cold pieces that care more about the ideas than the characters, I’d argue that the filmmaker has seemed to make a concerted effort with his last couple films to remedy that problem. Perhaps with Dunkirk, potentially his most grounded flick to date, we’ll finally see him round out those storytelling skills with some real emotion.

In addition to the poster and map, the folks over at Trailer Track (via their Twitter account) have confirmed that the latest trailer will be hitting sometime this week — and that some lucky Rogue One audiences will get to see it at the front of their film.

Keep an eye out, the trailer will hit the web soon enough!

What do you think of the latest poster? Are you at all interested in Nolan’s latest undertaking? Let us know your thoughts down below!

Dunkirk hits theaters on July 21, 2017.

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SOURCES: Warner Bros., Trailer Track (via Screen Rant)

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