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CBS is getting set to launch its TV adaptation of the successful buddy action franchise Rush Hour. The original films starred international superstar Jackie Chan and Chris “I Only Do Rush Hour Movies” Tucker, as a pair of mismatched cops. While I can’t speak for the sequels, since I didn’t see them, I know the first one was plenty of fun. It also co-starred Elizabeth Peña, so I was a bit biased. The films cost $263 total, and pulled in a cumulative haul of about $850 million for New Line. They also made Brett Ratner a Hollywood entity, so we can thank them for that.

Now Ratner is working on this series as a producer, and it looks like the series is going to closely follow the blueprint he created for the films. You can see for yourself with this special sneak preview below:

Based on the preview, it’s clear that this series is going to have to pull in a sizable audience in order to succeed, because it looks like an expensive show filled with Hollywood-level production value. CBS must believe in this show. Do you?


Ratner allowed my aunt to decide what her character’s first name was. Since she was playing a tough, brassy, bad ass bomb expert, she went with Tania. That’s my mother’s name (her sister). While my mom isn’t a bomb expert, she’s definitely those other things. Also, she put pictures of my family and I on her character’s fridge for the scene shot at her home.