TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Destiny”

Legends of Tomorrow has had a difficult time finding its footing throughout the season.  One of the disadvantages with this show compared to Arrow or The Flash is the lack of a direct source material for the writers to reference.  Never once in the DC comic realm has this combination of characters been put together, so this show really had to start from scratch.  The main struggle for the show has always been the balance of character arcs. Overall this episode compared to the rest of the season was one of the best.  If you were to look at some of the stronger episodes this season they all have acommonality of very little screen time for Kendra or Carter.  These two have been the toughest for writers to get the audience to care for.

The focus of the show has slowly gone away from both Hawkman and Hawkgirl being the key to stop Savage, to just Kendra being the one to stop Savage, to now neither have an important role to stopping Savage.  It is not the fault of Ciara Renee and Falk Hentschel whose acting has been par with the rest of the cast.  The fault is these two have been handicapped since the beginning.  All of the other characters besides Rip have had multiple story arcs on Arrow or The Flash to develop their stories and investment for the fans.  Moving into Season 2 any future characters added to this show should probably be introduced on Arrow or Flash.

“Destiny” continued the growth of the team outside of Kendra and Carter.  With the focus of who really controls their future the time masters or themselves; each character had their opportunity to decide their own.  Ray continued his quest to becoming the ultimate hero even after he knew he would have to sacrifice his life for the mission.  Jax and Stein had a unique interaction back in 2016 where we got to understand why Stein drugged Jax in the first place.  Jax had to get the help of Stein before they joined the team to help him get back to the Vanishing Point.  We got to see how much their relationship has grown from two polar opposites to a father/son relationship.  Sara continues to grow into the true leader and glue of the team being the one to break Stein, Rip, and Ray out of prison.

Rip’s journey as a character saw him transition from an outlaw to a puppet for the Time Masters.  Before the end of last week’s episode Rip came to the realization that the mission to save his family from Savage was a ploy from the Time Masters.  This week Rip discovered that the Time Masters were using the Oculus to control the timeline so that Savage could control the world to defend it against an alien attack. Put into despair Rip took the gamble that the world would be able to defend off an alien attack in the future without Savage by having the team destroy the Oculus.

The characters that saw the biggest change in their character arc was Leonard and Mic.  Starting off from the Flash as two thieves always in it for the heist both had evolved into caring about more than themselves.  With Leonard making the ultimate sacrifice for the team we saw how much he had grown into his new self.  The relationship between Leonard and Sara felt more realistic than Kendra and Ray because of the slow evolution of their relationship.  It wasn’t forced upon us to believe it was real.

It looks like the plotfor Season 2 was set up for us last night when the Time Masters revealed that in the future after Savage has taken over there will be an alien invasion called Thanagarians.  It also looks that there will be two new characters added to the team as casting has already started for Season 2.  Another thing to wonder since the news of Supergirl moving to the CW if executive producers will use this show to bring Supergirls universe into the same as the Arrow/Flash universe.  Maybe this show will be the link between the different universes.

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