– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Director Joseph Kahn and producer Adi Shankar have created a short film that is sure to spark the imaginations of a generation of people that grew up with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Much like Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Rebirth spun the MK mythos on its head with a very contemporary, gritty edge, Kahn’s film takes the Power Rangers to a dark place you might not have seen coming. He recruited some interesting talent to be a part of the 10-minute short, titled Power/Rangers. You’ve got James Van Der Beek, and there’s also Katee Sackhoff.

Check it out. 

The film explores the idea of what happens to children, when they’re put to war. After all, one major plot point from the original series that was always glossed over was that these were high school students recruited to fight in an intergalactic war. When you think about it, that can be an extremely dark, twisted place to go, and Power/Rangers goes there. 

While some of you may see this and hope that what happened to Tachaoroen’s Mortal Kombat film happens, where the film was actually a pitch to the studio and eventually lead to a web series, Shankar has made it very clear that this is not, I repeat, not a pitch. So go ahead and enjoy this as a standalone experience made just for fun. As Shankar puts it, just a little fan-made “bootleg” movie he made with his best friend.

With that said, after this would, do you wish it did lead to something? Personally, I’m surprised that they didn’t get Jason David Frank involved- since he’s been campaigning for a gritty Green Ranger movie since forever. I was disappointed not to see JDF, but I enjoyed this nonetheless. Talk amongst yourselves. What’d you think?

SOURCE: Adi Shankar

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