– by Joseph Jammer Medina

When you’re a filmmaker as picky as someone like Christopher Nolan, it’s likely not incredibly easy to wow yourself. Anyone who’s jumped into any creative field knows it’s all to easy to grow jaded and not to appreciate your own talents. I can only imagine that it’s all the more difficult with someone like Nolan.

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In fact, it was so difficult, it seems, that it wasn’t until his sixth movie (six out of ten so far, mind you) that he even had such a moment, as the filmmaker revealed to Variety.

“The first big creative ‘wow moment’ was when we were shooting the prologue for The Dark Knight, and seeing Heath Ledger standing in the street from behind. The iconic nature of the shot really stood out.”

The reason behind it? Well, in addition to actually being a filmmaker with a solid grasp of iconic imagery, this was the first time Nolan actually dove into the world of IMAX filmmaking. If you’ll recall, that opening scene was filmed with IMAX cameras, and he’s utilized the technology a little bit more with each successive movie.

In his latest film, Dunkirk, was captured mostly in 65mm, and later projected into 70mm, with amazing results. More than almost any other film to date, I found Dunkirk to be a wholly immersive experience, even if the film itself wasn’t anything super special. It seems that with The Dark Knight, his whole mindset shifted.

What’s the most iconic Nolan moment for you? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Variety

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