– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Yes, Game of Thrones may be heading towards its conclusions with the eighth season, but HBO isn’t about to let the workhorse die just yet.

As we’ve reported extensively in the past, the network has different groups of writers working alongside Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin to create a handful of spinoffs. From there, they will choose the strongest ones to actually get made (and at the end of the day, we may very well end up with one spinoff series).

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But right now, we have no idea what time periods they’re looking into, or if any of the current cast would be involved. Well, you can pour one out for good ol’ Jon Snow, because regardless of whether or not he actually makes it to the very end of Game of Thrones in this coming season, he won’t be coming back in any capacity in the future, as actor Kit Harington revealed to GQ Italia.

“I think there’s going to be spinoffs, but I’m not going to be involved in any of it. The great thing about Thrones for HBO is that you can sell it in a totally different way. You could set it 300 years earlier and save a load of money because we [the cast] are very expensive now.”

I think this is pretty much what fans have expected. While the characters are fantastic in the series, the world created by Martin is expansive enough to go in more than a handful of different directions without relying on any of the same characters.

Plus, from a financial standpoint, it does make sense. As it stands, a good chunk of the current budget likely goes to the cast, who have all gotten more famous and more in-demand as time has gone on. Start over with a new cast, and suddenly that $10M per episode can go a lot farther.

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SOURCE: GQ Italia (translation via ScreenRant)

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