– by Seth McDonald

As most of you probably heard, writer Chuck Wendig was fired earlier this week for his actions on social media. And now it appears as if his new five-issue comic series, Shadow of Vader, has been scrapped, or at the very least delayed as it was not on the list.The series was set to debut in January of next year. Wendig is staying optimistic and had the following to say in a blogpost.

”I like to think they’ll keep my first three — they told me I was being pulled off of 4 and 5, which leads me to believe that my completed scripts for 1, 2 and 3 will still end up out there. I was honestly very proud of them. The third issue in particular! The editor (same who fired me) was very happy about it. I wasn’t kicked off the book for lack of quality.”

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I am sort of torn on this issue. While I disagree with people getting fired over things they have said, I also respect the rights of a private company to manage and protect their brand they way they see fit. The problem is the door is now open for people to be fired for comments they’ve made and people in the public eye should know better by now.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TerribleMinds