Classic Comic Review I Marvel What If Volume Two Issues #59 to #88

Welcome back to Classic Comics Review! Here are the next issues I cover from the What If? Volume Two Series.  I hope you enjoy the review I put together for you and it is a blast to go over this series again!

Issue #59 to #63

Issue #59, What If Wolverine led Alpha Flight? is by Simon Furman with art by Bryan Hitch and Joe Rubinstein. This story is simple when Alpha Flight decides to keep Wolverine in Canada. The X-Men decide to get him back and that leads to a massive fight and characters die. This leads Wolverine to take charge.

Issue #60 follows with What If X-Men Wedding Album. This issue has three stories that circle around love in the X-Men world. All three stories are by Kurt Busiek with art by Ron Randall and Art Nichols. The first story is, What If Scott Summers and Jean Grey Had Married Earlier? As the title suggests, they both marry earlier in the X-Men world, and with it many changes. The second title is, What If Scott Summers and Jean Grey Had Never Fallen In Love At All? This is a neat way to see the how the X-Men function with these two not together. The final story, What If Phoenix Had Fallen For Wolverine? This is the best story as we  see these two powerhouses end up together.

What If #61 Vol.2 (Spider-Man's Parents Destroyed His Family?): Books

Issue #61  continues with, What If Spider-Man’s Parents Destroyed His Family? The story is by Kurt Busiek with art by Jim Amash, Kirk Jarvinen, Andrew Wildman, Derek Yaniger, Sam De La Rosa, and Bruce Patterson.  There is a ton of art talent to put this story out. I have been trying to figure out why, but it seems some of the talent is pulled to do other books. Some have to pick up where one left off. Anyway, this was a true tragic story of Peter Parker where he must face the death of his loved ones and the reason behind their deaths is robots. A great story that is  must for Spider-Man fans out there.

Issue #62, What If Wolverine Battled Weapon X? is by Kurt Busiek with art by Ron Randall and Art Nichols.  In this alternate world we find Logan is never forced to become part of the Weapon X project. But he is still in the battle of the new Weapon X. We also get to see more of Logan’s past in this issue.

What If...? #63 - What If War Machine had NOT destroyed the Living Laser? (Issue)

Issue #63 follows with What If War Machine Had Not Destroyed the Living Laser? The issue is by Dan Slott with art by Manny Galan, Jim Amash, and Mark Stegbauer. This story is from Iron Man #289. In the original story Rhodes tricks the Living Laser that Stark is dead, and Iron Man is fired. While the two are talking, Rhodes has Iron Man’s suit coated to reflect laser attack. By doing this Rhodes can return Living Laser attack and scatter him across the Andromeda galaxy. However, in this story he does not do this. The story outcome is hugely different.

Issue #64 to #68

Issue #64, What If Iron Man Sold Out? is by Simon Furman with art by Geoff Senior. The story inside this issue is, What If Iron Man Went Public? In this story we see Tony returning from Vietnam and decides to make his Iron Man tech available to the world and highest bidders. With the new tech in the world, villains like Dr. Doom can kill off heroes such as the Fantastic Four. The Sentinels that hunt mutants almost wipe the mutant race with the new tech. This leads to Magneto to take over the world and a showdown with Tony and his new suit Overload Iron Man.

Issue #65 brings, What If Archangel Fell From Grace? The story is by Simon Furman with art by John Higgins and Martin Griffiths. In this story Angel stays as the Archangel who hunts down criminals and kills them. The X-Men try to stop him from doing killing. Along with this his old girlfriend is kidnapped and he must rescue her in this story.

Issue #66, What If Rogue Possessed the Power of Thor? is by Simon Furman with art by John Royle and Bambos Georgiou. This was one of the better stores in this series. We get to see Rogue drain all the power out of Thor to become Thor. Although somehow she is worthy to pick up Mjolnir and join Loki to take over Asgard.  She changes her mind and helps Earth heroes which leads her to be the new Thor.

What If #44 (1977) - 9.0 VF/NM *What If Captain America Were Revived Today* | Comic Books - Copper Age, Marvel, Captain America, Superhero / HipComic

Issue #67 is, What If Captain America Were Revived Today? is by Chuck Dixon with art by Darrio Carrasco Jr. and Tim Dzon. This is part one of two for this story where we see Cap being found in 1989. Since he is not able to stop the Red Skull in this past in this story. He wakes to a world that is in the control of the Red Skull. He is found by Dr. Doom and works with him to save the world against the more powerful Nazi empire.

Issue #68, What If Captain America Were Revived Today? follows. It is by Chuck Dixon with art by Darrio Carrasco Jr, and Tim Dzon. This is part two of two where there is no shocker to see that Dr. Doom was using Cap to take the Red Skull out. The word is in the control of two sections by these two villains. But with help from the last remaining heroes, Cap assembles the new Avengers to battle them both.


Issue #69 to #73

Next is Issue #69, What If Stryfe Killed the X-Men? It is by Mariano Nicieza with art by Justiniano. Roy Richardson, and Kevin Tinsley. For those who do not know, Stryfe is a doppelganger, evil version of Cable. His first appearance is in The New Mutants #86. During the X-Cutioner’s Song story Stryfe poisons Professor-X with a virus. In this story he kills the rest of the X-Men.

Issue #70 follows with, What If the Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus? This installment is by Chuck Dixon with art by Joe Barney, Don Hudson, and Michael Kraiger. In this story we get to see the Earth be taken by Galactus because the Silver Surfer does not assist the Fantastic Four or betray Galactus. This story is from the first run of The Fantastic Four #50.

What If #71 Review (Mar 1995) | What If The Gamma Bomb Spawned A Thousand Hulks?

Issue #71, What If the Gamma Bomb Spawned a Thousand Hulks? is by Ian Edginton with art by Larry Stroman, Robert Stull and Jack Snider. This is a fun story where we get to see some gamma bombs dropped in Japan during World War II. This creates an army of Hulks. There is a ton of superheroes in this issue who try to help.

Next up is Issue #72, What If Spider-Man Became a Murderer? The story is by Simon Furman with art by Craig Brasfield, and Bob Almond. This installment takes you back when Peter first confronts the burglar who killed Uncle Ben. Peter kills the burglar by accident but with witness seeing what happens Peter is wanted by the law.  He gives up on the suit and works with Doctor Conner, aka the Lizard. After some time to think he turns himself in to do his time in prison, but the ending is great and worth reading.

Issue #73, What If the Kingpin Owned Daredevil?, is the outside title. However, the story inside has a different title. What If the Kingpin Adopted Daredevil? is by D.G. Chichester with art by Tom Grindberg and Carlos Garzo. This story is very well done. We see the Kingpin taken in the orphan Matt Murdock and making him a part of his family.

Issue #74 to #78

Issue #74 brings us What If Mr. Sinister Formed the X-Men? It is by Simon Furman with art by Nathaniel Palant, and Mike Hailieb. A neatly put together story where Mr. Sinister has a team with Cyclops leading them.  They fight the team of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil and win. However, then they face off the X-Men where we see Cyclops falling for Jean Grey. That leads to the Brotherhood of Evil, lead by Magneto, who kills Mr. Sinister. Although, this turns out to be a part of Mr. Sinister’s master plan.

Issue #75, What If Blink of Generation X Had Not Died? is by Stefan Petrucha with art by Greg Luzniak and Andy Lanning. This story is not the best in the series. Unless you are a die-hard fan of X-Men’s Blink, you may not like it. In this story Blink lives from the attack of Harvest but her team, Generation X is dies. She gets the ability to see the world in another dimension, and she can fix things to make life easier for the X-Men but can never change the fate of Generation X

Issue #76 is, What If Peter Parker Had to Destroy Spider-Man? The story is by Terry Austin with art by Stuart Immonen and Terry Austin. The most interesting part of this issue is that it is the last time we get to see Uatu the Watcher because of the events in The Fantastic Four #400. The story is simply that Flash Thompson gest the powers of Spider-Man, and Peter must stop him because he misuses his power.

True Believers: What If Legion Had Killed Magneto? (2018) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

Issue #77 follows with What If Legion Had Killed Magneto? It is by Benny Powell and Warren Ellis with art by Hector Gomez, John Livesay, and Mike Halblieb. As the title states, Legion kills Magneto in the past that leads to his own existence ending. The X-Men become weak because without Magneto who pushes the X-Men to be better. They become pro-mutant media figures. The X-Men do not train as hard for future battles. Also, Scott and Jean retire from the X-Men. Next, Apocalypse attacks the weak X-Men which brings Scott and Jean out of retirement leading to a ton of human deaths, then making mutants hated by mankind again.

Next, Issue #78, What If the New Fantastic Four Had Remained a Team? is by Chuck Dixon with art by Alcatena. In this story we get a new Fantastic Four made up of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider. This was not a bad story as we see how long this new team can work together to keep the mantel of the Fantastic Four.

Issue #79 to #83

Moving forward, Issue #79 is, What If Storm Had the Power of Phoenix? The story is by Sarah Byam with art by Jeff Albrecht. In this story we get to see Storm, not Jean who pilots the space shuttle through the atmosphere where she is possessed by the power of the Phoenix. With this new power she takes control of the world, which leads to true bliss. However, do not cross her rules. This leads to Wolverine, Nick Fury and Kitty Pryde to find Storm’s real body and put things back in order.

Issue #80 is, What If the Hulk Had evolved into the Maestro? It is by James Felder with art by Kerry Gammill, Ed Benes, Bob Petrecca, and Mike Halblieb. The first appearance of Hulk as Maestro is in The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (92). In this story we get to see the Bruce curing himself but involves into the evil persona called Maestro. The ending is a little sad. We get to see Maestro being meeting his end by a close friend. What If? Vol.2 #81 "What If... the Age of Apocalypse Had Not Ended?": Mariano Nicieza: Books

Issue #81, What If the Age of Apocalypse Had Not Ended? is by Mariano Nicieza with art by Kevin Hopgood.  In this story the Marvel Universe is not put back to the right order of things. Magneto and the X-Men must overcome an attack of nuclear weapons. They also finally work together with the last humans and heroes of Earth.  Now working together, they must now stop Galactus as he come to devourer the Earth.

Issue #82 is What If J. Jonah Jameson Adopted Spider-Man? The story is by William Messner-Loebs with art by Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning. Not a bad story. However, the ending is more less what you expect.

Next is Issue #83, What If Daredevil Was the Disciple of Doctor Strange for the Love, Honor and the Soul of Elektra? This issue is by Ian Edginston and Mike Baron with art by Rafael Kayanan. A twist where we get to see Doctor Strange become a ninja not the sorcerer supreme. Then his greatest ninja that he teaches become his greatest enemy.

Issue #84 to #88

Moving forward, Issue #84 is, What If Shard Had Lived Instead of Bishop? It is by Gerrard Jones with art by Mark Pacella, Mike Halblieb, and Art Thibert. For those that do not know, Shard is the sister of Bishop and her first appearance is in Uncanny X-Men Annual #17. In the future there is a change where Bishop dies and his sister survives the aftermath. Then she will come to the past to kill off all the evil mutants that leads to her the X-Men.

Issue #85, What If Magneto Ruled All Mutants? is by David Michelinie with art by Arne Jorgensen, Christopher Ivy, and Vince Russell. This story involves Magneto on the base of Avalon, and the mutants are split into two groups. This leads to some underhanded work to see what the two groups would do under Magneto’s watch.

Issue #86 is, What If Scarlet Spider Killed Spider-Man? The story is by Terry Kavanagh with art Dougie Braithwaite and Sean Hardy. It isy is taken from the very bad Clone War Saga storyline. In this installment we get to see Ben Reilly who is the Scarlet Spider who takes over the life of Peter Parker to care for Peter’s wife and child. The end is good, and to be honest, this story is way better than the Clone War Saga.

Rounding out this week’s Classic Comics What If series is Issue #87, What If Sabretooth Cat and Mouse? The story is by Dan Abnett, and Andy Lanning with art by Frank Teran. This is the one of the bloodiest issues without showing the gore. Sabretooth breaks into the X-Men Mansion and kills off most of the X-Men, and leaves Jubilee alone to face him.

Issue #88, What If Spider-Man Arachnamorphosus? is by Ben Raab with art by Ariel Olivetti and Agostin Comoto. It is a dark twist to Peter’s world where get to see his powers change him into something more spider than man. Also, he has son, Ben, who is also a mutant with the same problem.

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Thank you for stopping by to check this next run of numbers and again a blast to go over my collection do to this. I will cover the final numbers in the next column, issue #89 to issue #114. As always please go check out our other columns, stories, and videos on this site!

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