– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Producer Brian Grazer (24, SPLASH, A BEAUTIFUL MIND) dropped an interesting bit of news to CNBC during a recent interview. When getting posed the hypothetical question of who he would cast in Tom Hanks role in a modern day SPLASH, Grazer said the following:

“I’m actually doing SPLASH today and I can’t say. I’m actually going to do it from the point-of-view of…I can’t say anything about it. There’s a movie star that’s going to be involved, [but] I haven’t announced it.”

The response from the interviewer is actually quite hilarious, so I highly recommend watching the actual clip if you weren’t planning on it already.

The interviewer probed a bit further, stating in his book A CURIOUS MIND that the first take they had on the film was from the perspective of the mermaid, and Grazer went on to confirm that they’d be producing that version of the film.

While the idea of remaking SPLASH isn’t incredibly original, it is comforting that the producer of the original film is the one spearheading the project, and that they aren’t simply looking to remake it so much as reimagine it. 

In a world full of blockbusters, it would be cool to see this hit the big screen. While the concept itself is quite derivative, the romantic comedy is a genre that has all but gone extinct, so for variety’s sake, I hope this goes through. Also, in recent months, it’s seemed as though the mid-budget film may be making a comeback, and with that in mind, a SPLASH remake may be just what the doctor ordered to help push that trend forward a little bit more.

What do you think? Does the idea of a SPLASH remake interest you in the slightest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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