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I don’t think I need to remind you that Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Superman has been polarizing to fans. Those who grew up loving the wholesome boy scout were betrayed by the more human, uncertain version of the character portrayed in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

In the eyes of many, Superman shouldn’t have to go through a huge transformative process in order to think mankind deserves saving. However, it’s worth stating that this aspect of the character has always been intention on Snyder’s part. Rather than have a character who was a finished product from the get-go, his Superman was meant to eventually grow into the hero we know him to be.

Following his death in Batman v Superman, it was believed that he would emerge to become that very hero. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be something else if when he does become that hero that we hear the theme from the original Superman film? Well, it sounds like DC may already have that in mind…well…sort of…

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Speaking with Billboard about revisiting DC in Justice League, Danny Elfman discussed a few details regarding his work on the film:

“I instated a moment of the Wonder Woman theme that Hans Zimmer did for Batman v Superman, but I also had two minutes where I had the pleasure of saying, ‘Let’s do John Williams’ Superman.’ and that for me was heaven, because now I have a melody to twist, and I’m using it in an actually very dark way, in a dark moment. It’s the kind of thing that some fans will notice. Some won’t. It’s a moment where we’re really not sure whose side he’s on.”

Okay, so it’s not exactly a theme that emerges in a time of true heroism, but rather a darker moment where we’re still not quite sure of his allegiances. But the effect is still somewhat the same, and fans of the original film will definitely get a huge kick out of it. Nothing like laying a little bit of history on something new to make it impactful in a wholly unique way. This is something DC is starting to realize more and more as time goes on.

Elfman continued:

“The people at DC are starting to understand we’ve got these iconic bits from our past and that’s part of us, that’s part of our heritage — we shouldn’t run away from that. Contemporary thinking is, every time they reboot something, you have to start completely from scratch — which, of course, audiences will tell us again and again, is bullshit. Because the single-most surviving and loved theme in the world is Star Wars, which they had the good sense to not dump for the reboots. And every time it comes back, the audience goes crazy.”

I’ll certainly be keeping my ears perked throughout the whole film for that. For them to fall back on the original Superman theme is a real stroke of genius — especially if it’s used in a very different way than we’d expect.

What do you think? Do you like how Elfman says they plan on using the theme? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Billboard

  • Vector

    “It’s a moment where we’re really not sure whose side he’s on.”

    That’s just the sort of thing I think when I think Superman.

    • Behemothrex

      I know right? I guess that goes along with the how many necks is Supes going to snap today question. Many DC has fucked up Superman.

  • CoolHandJuke

    in honor of Hefner’s passing, i’m jerking off to the seven year itch…

  • Victor Roa

    Right now Jon Peters is crying.

    • Atirus Gaming

      And thinking about Giant Robotic Spiders.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        Wicky while, wicky while while

  • noahwayne0

    Of all the many things wrong with Man of Steel – I think the new theme wasn’t one of them. I thought it was very good, not as good as Williams’ score, but still very good.

    • Victor Roa

      the thing with William’s score, just a few notes and you as a fan can tell apart the harry potter theme compared to the Luke Skywalker theme. The Man of Steel theme kind goes on and on builds and builds and near the end it’s more closer to a heroic theme but it’s like 3 and half minutes, not like the first first 5 notes in the Williams theme.

      • Behemothrex

        Seriously! you hear the first 5 notes and you know what it is, you are already pumped and you are ready for more. That is a composition my friends.

      • bickle2

        To be honest, all you really need is the cello hits

        • Victor Roa

          actually the begining bits with the piano of Man of Steel theme kinda go meh, it’s not till the song reaches the 2 minute mark where it’s heroic, and even then it’s the drums with a cello that can hit the theme.
          The John Williams theme it’s all about the Trumpets and Trombones that help it work.

          • bickle2

            I’m talking about Williams.

          • Victor Roa

            Oooooooooohhhhh, my bad. But I still think the Brass instruments really stand out in Williams work, I can tell when a French Horn is playing compared to a trumpet.

          • bickle2

            It’s probably the greatest thing he’s ever written. But the “duh duh, duh duhduh duh duh” cello hits are all I heed

  • Kronx

    The Superman theme is amazing, but I think the 10 notes of the Krypton theme are the best part of the film. That whole intro fanfare to Krypton gets me every time. And that theme could still be used in a variety of different ways.

  • Behemothrex

    You know I cannot even remember the new theme. Relying too much on nostalgia can be a bad thing at times but like Elfman said some things are Iconic for a reason and the Superman Theme is one of those timeless instantly recognizable pieces. No surprise that Joss would bring it back.

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