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Actor Stefan Kapičić has now played Colossus in both Deadpool movies. Of course most of the time in these movies he is completely covered in CGI metallic skin, so we don’t get to see much of Kapicic himself.

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LRM’s own Joseph Jammer Medina caught up with Kapičić this week at San Diego Comic-Con and asked him if he would be interested in taking on any other comic book roles aside from his turn as Colossus. The actor hails from Eastern Europe which obviously might limit some of the characters he could play with his accent, but it does make him an ideal choice for Colossus. There are several other Eastern European characters that show up in the comics though, so what did Kapičić have to say?

“So for me, this role had so many different angles, and I’m so proud, and especially because I’m coming from Eastern Europe, so there’s not that many characters that I can play with my accent, or be a part of it. You have like … If you watch … If you know like comic books, of course you have Colossus, thank God I’m playing him, but you have Kraven the Hunter, which I would love to play…and maybe Omega Red. We saw little glimpse of Omega Red [in the Super Duper Cut], but I would go for these two characters, if you ask me.”

Interesting. Would Stefan Kapicic be a good choice to play Kraven the Hunter? The thing is we know that Kraven is still currently owned by Sony, and whilst he could well make an appearance in the Marvel produced Spider-Man movies, there is no guarantee we will ever see the Spidey villain on film. I would love to see Kraven though, he is one of Spider-Man’s most interesting villains and so far has never appeared in a live-action show or movie.

There is also the chance the Kraven could show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home as there have been some unfounded rumors and speculation on who the villains will be in the next Spider-Man movie. If Kraven is set to appear in Far From Home, then I’m afraid it is probably too late for Kapicic to put his hat in the ring for that role. However, until we hear more about the villains for Far From Home, we have no idea is Kraven is still on the table.

And Omega Red? As he stated, the character was recently revealed via the Blu-ray release of the film and on Instagram, so that doesn’t seem completely in the cards — though if a character doesn’t make a theatrical cut of a film…does he truly exist?

Do you think Stefan Kapičić would be a good Kraven the Hunter, if not what other roles would utilize his strong accent? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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