– by Emmanuel Gomez

Last week in Superman Rebirth we learned that main continuity Superman is in fact “dead dead” and that pre-“Flashpoint” Superman decided that he was going to take over. But this week in Action Comics #1, oh wait no NOT #1 but #957 (they went back to original numbering) we get to see how he ends up coming back into the public eye and of course Lex Luthor had something to do with it! This book had a bit more of a classic feel to it, revisiting some of Superman’s well known adversaries Lex Luthor and Doomsday.

   Superman is actually at home when him and his family see Lex Luthor on television taking out some presumed bank robbers. All the while proclaiming himself Earths new Superman, this of course does not sit well with Superman who quickly shaves, suits up and heads out to meet him face to face. I have no doubt that seeing Lex sporting that “S” on his chest must have really upset Superman, enough to the point where he was the aggressor when they finally meet face to face. The whole time Lex is trying to figure out how this is even possible, while Superman is just out to prove that Lex is just putting on a show and that in fact he is the “same old Lex”. Jimmy Olsen quickly calls the Daily Planet for them to dispatch a reporter to the scene of the exchange. To everyone’s surprise that reporter is Clark Kent. Soon after that reveal another character makes their Rebirth debut. Doomsday in his full green suite glory. There are a lot of questions here that will be answered in the bi-weekly series. For example, who is this Clark Kent? Who is pulling the strings on Doomsday? How will the public react to Superman’s return? Will he and Lex have to work together to take down Doomsday?

   I never thought I would be enjoying the Superman Rebirth titles more than the Batman ones. But that is the case. Dan Jurgens does an excellent job at sucking us into this book. I especially love some of the details that he adds to the dialogue between Lex and Superman. For example, Lex Luther wants to know who this Superman is because he notices that he looks and sounds older than the now deceased Superman. Giving me the notion of how well he knows his adversary. The way the book is drawn and colored I feel gives it more of a classic comic book feel that I really liked. Each one of the three characters (Superman, Lex Luthor and Doomsday) at one point in the book has a full page where they are done very well, especially Doomsday. I’ve never been much for reading Superman books but with Action Comics and Superman Rebirth done as well as they were I can’t help but add them to my pull list.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artwork: Patrick Zircher

Colors: Tomeu Morey