– by Emmanuel Gomez

 In the first issue of Detective Comics Batwoman and Batman got together the team of Red Robin, Spoiler, Orphan and even Clayface. Now it’s going to be up to Batwoman to whip them into shape and that is where this issue gets started. Using a special mud chamber they have at their new HQ in the middle of Gotham, Batwoman puts them through impossible odds to test them at their worst. This has frustrated the team who are looking to fight crime not clay figures. Batwoman takes that time to also point out the flaws in each of them and reminds them that Batman has given her orders not to take the team out until she thinks they are fit. Also this issue we see Catherine and her father talk about some of the tension between the two the Waynes and the Kanes, something that could be very interesting down the line if Batman and Batwoman have disagreements. Something else that is new to me at least is the relationship between Stephanie and Tim, and their conversation about other opportunities for Tim besides vigilante work. As far as the main plot line, we know that someone attacked Azrael leaving him in critical condition. He describes them as “shadows under the surface” and then goes to say “Colony is here”. As Batman investigates near the end of the issue, he is ambushed by the group who are looking to take him prisoner.

   I am very interested to see who is behind the “Colony” as they seem to know a lot about Batman and the other vigilantes. But the aspect of the book that I find the most interesting is the interaction between Batwoman and the team. Being that they are not being trained by Batman or even Nightwing, it seems like they may not be taking it as serious as they would otherwise. I really like the artwork in this book especially the colors that are used though out the panels. I love the design of the Batmobile and I found interesting that the two vehicles that tried to ambush him look like tumblers. I did not think I would be grabbed by this title, but James Tynion IV has done a great job so far. We have seen his great story telling in the previous weekly Batman series and it continues now in Rebirth. 

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artwork: Eddy Barrows

Inks: Eber Ferreira

Colors: Adriano Lucas