– by Emmanuel Gomez

 Wonder Woman has now begun her journey to discover the “truth” about her past. This has taken her to Bwanda where she is actually seeking help from one of her rouges to help her with a very interesting problem. She cannot remember the location of Themyscira. Coincidentally, Steve Trevor is on a mission in the same area trying to take down a man called Cadulo and his fighters. We just know that Steve is trying to stop Cadulo from reaching a specific target and that there may be more to him than meets the eye. This is evident when a villager tells Steve that “Cadulo turns even the earth against the righteous”. I think there is more to that statement than the book leads us to believe. It will be interesting to see how Wonder Woman’s journey as well as Steve’s mission connects as the story moves forward.

   Not much else happens in this issue, but I thought it was a good start. I feel that some people may not like this as much if they haven’t read the last Justice League arc “Darkseid War” as well as the DC Rebirth issue for Wonder Woman, as it gives you a lot of the foundation as to why she is on a journey to discover the truth of her origin. It is interesting that the continuation of this specific storyline will continue in a little over a month (July 27) but in a few weeks we will have the beginning of “Year One”.  We knew this would be the case back when the creative teams were announced at Wonder Con, in a sense it will be 2 series under one title giving us 2 different perspectives on Diana. The artwork on this book was done exceptionally well. No offense to the colorist Laura Martin, but I enjoyed some of the panels more in black and white as Liam Sharp shared them on his Twitter page. His artistic style seems to fit the book very well and the colors used I felt set the appropriate gloomy mood as she searches for her rival.

    Overall I feel that this was a solid start but in case you need some backstory I do suggest reading some of the titles I mentioned earlier. It will be interesting to see now Greg Rucka sets up her backstory, maybe to match the cinematic Wonder Woman? We’ll just wait and see!

Some black and white layouts shared by Liam Sharp via Twitter (@LiamRSharp)

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artwork: Liam Sharp

Colors Laura Martin