Comic Book Review: Green Lanterns #15

   This issue titled “A DAY IN THE LIFE” is a fill in issue between arcs, but it shines a bright light (no pun intended) into the life of a person living with Anxiety. We all know by now the struggles that Jessica Cruz goes through accepting the fact that she is a Lantern, it was only in the last issue where she really began controlling her constructs thanks to a brief encounter with the Phantom Ring. Even with that in the back of her mind she still wakes up with self-doubt, but manages to get it together and get to breakfast with her partner Simon. They go from conversing in a diner to fighting a monster with the Justice League, in which Jessica plays an important part in saving a city from a falling submarine. With that Jessica and Simon travel the states rescuing those in need. At one point they run into a criminal who calls himself “The Gambler”, who seems more like a common thief with a gimmick. This is where Jessica’s anxiety takes over and she breaks down. Simon doesn’t understand what is going on, she tries to explain to him that catching a submarine is easier to her than fighting her anxiety which in times feels impossible. We then see Jessica back home in her own safe environment, doing things that she is familiar with like doing chores, exercising and listening to music. Then we get a glimpse of her dizzying thoughts of self-doubt that she deals with throughout the night. But at some point, she gathers herself and reminds herself that she is a Green Lantern and that she can overcome this step by step. Jessica even goes to the point as to call her anxiety “My Joker. My Lex Luthor. My… Goofy Golden Sea Monster.”. The issue comes to a close with Simon in her kitchen doing his best to try and make her feel better by making pancakes, during which they get a call from a certain hero asking for their help with a certain matter.

   This issue hit a close to home as my wife also deals with anxiety day to day, and like Jessica a lot of the time she does her best to hide it in order to get through her day. But at any moment sometimes it takes over. The point in me sharing that personal story is to say how accurately Sam Humphries was able portray the emotions and feelings that a character like Jessica Cruz is going through, even with doing all the amazing things that she does. He also does a great job showing how a lot of times friends don’t understand what people with anxiety are going through, like Simon who makes the comment “I thought you were better”. Miguel Mendonca also contributes to this issue by illustrating great facial expressions that complement the panels. For example when Jessica is trying to explain to Simon what is going on, when she is kind of lost in her mind and my favorite when she takes a stand after a long night and puts her ring back on. His illustration really gives the reader an image of Jessica clearing her mind as she gathers strength.

   Overall this is a solid issue that I recommend to all to read. Not only do we learn more about Jessica Cruz’s personal struggles, but also we get a look into the world of the multitude of people who also have to deal with anxiety daily. Since her arrival in the DC Universe Jessica Cruz has been one of my favorite characters for this reason, even with her personal issues she has still managed to be a worthy Green Lantern. The next arc will be very interesting as they are going to be teaming up with one of my longtime favorite heroes.

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artwork: Miguel Mendonca

Inks: Scott Hanna

Colors: Blond

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