– by Emmanuel Gomez

Robson Rocha (DC Comics)

Robson Rocha (DC Comics)

   The second issue of Green Lanterns starts off by explaining “Red Dawn”. The entity of rage is dead and they need to inhabit a new world. Earth seems like the perfect planet because humans fill it with rage. They have implanted something called a “Hell Tower” that is burring deep into the earth’s core. Then they will proceed to plant the “Rage Seed” and thus will be the birth of “Red Dawn”. We see that on earth the Hell Tower is active and infecting people including Jessica’s sister. She does her best to try and help her sister, while Simon does his best to try and get Jessica out and respond to their ring’s alert. As Jessica attempts to save her sister we see her having a hard time getting a hold of her willpower, to the point where she is unable to create constructs from her ring. We get a flashback showing how important Jessica’s sister is to her and her ability to overcome her issues. It gets to the point where her sister is about to pummel her with a bat but lucky for Jessica, Simon has her back. Being the more experience Lantern Simon forces her away from her sister and reasons with her that it may not only be her sister that is in danger but the whole world. As they look upon the Earth they see a very large Red Lantern symbol, now it is up to them to save the planet.

   Although Jessica Cruz was able to overcome fear to overcome the Power Ring and be deemed worthy of a Green Lantern ring, we see that she is very much still far from the Green Lantern that we would expect to be protecting Earth. Although he is also far from Hal or John or even Guy Simon Baz brings his experience as a Lantern to the team and is able to guide Jessica from making a critical mistake. I look forward to continue to watch this duo grow together as they go up against the very dangerous Red Lantern Corps. It seems like overcoming this threat may be near impossible due to their lack of experience, so it will be interesting to see how they resolve this. Also what exactly is emerald sight? Lucky for us we willget the next issue in a few weeks. My only complaint about this title is the artwork. Although the colors look amazing, the pencils and inks are very rough especially in the faces and at times it distracted me from the story. This week we also get to see our Green Lantern duo in the Rebirth issue of the Justice League, so when you are done with this book be sure to pick up Justice League Rebirth!

Robson Rocha DC Comics

Robson Rocha DC Comics

Green Lanterns #2

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artwork: Robson Rocha

Inks: Jay Leisten

Colors: Blond