– by Emmanuel Gomez

Just in time for the opening of DC’s next live action film “Suicide Squad” we have the DC Rebirth issue of Task Force X. This Rebirth issue focuses on only the core characters of the team. The cast includes Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Boomerang. The book beings with a very interesting meeting of Amanda Waller and our President Barak Obama, who is furious at the fact that Task Force X exists and that Waller controls it with no accountability. She convinces him to approve the team with the condition that they install Colonel Rick Flag as the leader. But before Flag can lead the team, he needs to be released from Guantanamo Bay. Where he is imprisoned for not following orders, apparently the officials giving the orders had quite the influence to be able to imprison Flag without anyone’s knowledge. But of course Waller does what Waller does best and gets him out and convinces him to lead the team.

   We see a brief mission that the team has to complete in Mongolia. I don’t want to give too much away so I will just summarize the mission. They are to go into Mongolia and extract a bomb and the scientist that created it. The team goes about trying to complete the mission in true Suicide Squad form, in other words they make it up as they go along and it gets ugly. I find it interesting that they chose to omit some of the characters like Killer Croc and Katana who are featured on the cover. The artwork style in the book is a bit rough but it fits this type of comic book. In this case I feel like some of these pages would look better without color just inks that would be interesting to see.

   Overall it’s a decent book that would be a nice compliment for those going to see the film this weekend even though it’s missing some characters. I am sure they will show up sometime in the next issue. It’s great to have Flag back on the team as an element of military structure for them, and I appreciate the nod to the original Task Force X who was apparently ran by Flag’s grandfather according to Waller. I was not very happy with the direction that Suicide Squad had taken during the DC You, I felt like they had forced some characters on the team that didn’t fit to well. Black Manta was an exception. So hopefully this time around they stick with the more traditional group. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of story they are going to tell going forward. For now I hope you all go out this weekend and enjoy David Ayer’s film (and formulate your own opinion good or bad)!  

Writer: Rob Williams

Artwork: Philip Tan

Inkers: Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna and Sandu Florea

Colors: Alex Sinclair