– by Emmanuel Gomez

I will call this the reunion that we had been waiting for. The missing piece that the Titans felt during Titan Hunt has finally arrived. But the twist here is that no one remembers who Wally is. The issue takes places mostly in Dick Grayson’s apartment, where Wally has found the Titans. Using a something I will call a “speed force spark” Wally jolts the Titans mind with memories of them together from the past, causing them to remember who he is. Then he goes on to explain to the Titans that someone had stolen time and memories from them and that it was only a matter of time before it happened again. He explains to them that it was going to be up to them to figure it out together.

    Most of this issue was a re-introduction of the Titans, reuniting them with Wally West. For me personally I liked the fact that they were able to remember him after so many including his girlfriend Linda could not in the Rebirth Special. I liked the link that they created between the Titans feeling of missing something or in this case someone and the Rebirth Special where DC had recognized that as a whole DC Universe had been missing something as well (Wally West being the link). Speaking about the Rebirth special we saw the story line from there continue in the Flash Rebirth one shot and now in this book. Will the big event featuring the Watchmen come out of the books featuring the speedsters? Or will its effect be carefully plotted out throughout the many different DC titles? This has me very curious and looking forward to the upcoming Titan’s issue as well as the Flash. I love that fact that DC has Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund working together because their skills combined make for a wonderful book, not to mention the colors by Andrew Dalhouse. The book is set in a dark apartment, yet most of the panels are very. Although not much happened here I thought the reunion was necessary to get the Titans going again. The great thing about it now is that we don’t have to wait a month! The next book is two weeksaway!

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Brett Booth

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse