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It’s that time of year, where the ghouls come out to play and things that go bump in the night make a heck of a lot more noise! It’s Halloween! And LRM has a series of books that will help get you into the haunting spirit. If you have any series you think fit the genre sound off in the comments below!



STORY: Joshua Williams ART: Goran Sudzuka, Miroslav Mrva

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

SYNOPSIS: Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live… except he’s rotting in jail after his last, doomed score. But when a filthy rich collector breaks him out, he’s tasked with putting together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: Steal a ghost from a haunted



STORY: Steve Niles ART: Damien Worm


SYNOPSIS: The October Faction details the adventures of retired monster-hunter Frederick Allan and his family… which include a thrill-killer, a witch, and a warlock. Because sometimes crazy is the glue that binds a family together.


STORY: Cullen Bunn ART: Brian Hurtt


SYNOPSIS: During the darkest days of the Civil War, wicked cutthroats came into possession of six pistols of otherworldly power. In time, the Sixth Gun-the most dangerous of the weapons-vanished. When the gun surfaces in the hands of an innocent girl, dark forces reawaken. Vile men thought long dead set their sights on retrieving the gun and killing the girl. Only Drake Sinclair, a gunfighter with a shadowy past, stands in their way. The Sixth Gun is a two-fisted adventure set in the mysterious and supernatural corners of the old west.

STORY: Joshua Williamson ART: Adam Guzowski, Mike Henderson

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

SYNOPSIS: Buckaroo, Oregon has given birth to sixteen of the vilest serial killers in the world. An obsessed FBI profiler investigating the town has suddenly gone missing, and now an NSA Agent must work with the notorious serial killer Edward “Nailbiter” Warren to find his friend and solve the mystery of “Where do serial killers come from?”


STORY: Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft ART: Attila Futaki

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

SYNOPSIS: A man haunts the roads; a man with sharp teeth and a hunger for flesh. When 12-year-old Jack Garron runs away from home, he’ll see how quickly the American Dream becomes a nightmare.


STORY: Brian Michael Bendis, Marc Andreyko ART: Marc Andreyko

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

SYNOPSIS: Cleveland: 1935. Eliot Ness, fresh from his legendary Chicago triumph over Al Capone and associates, set his sights on Cleveland and went on a crusade that matched, and sometimes even surpassed, his past accomplishments. Dismembered body parts have started washing up in a concentrated area of Lake Erie Sound. Their headless torsos have left no clues to their identity or the reason for death. Elliot Ness and his colorful gang of “The Unknowns” chased this killer through the underbelly of Cleveland for years. As far as the public was concerned he was never captured. But what really happened is even more shocking.


STORY: Paul Tobin ART: Juan Ferreyra


SYNOPSIS: Declan Thomas’s body temperature is dropping. He never gets sick, never feels pain. An ex-inmate of an insane asylum that was destroyed in a fire, he has the strange ability to step inside a person’s madness – and sometimes cure it. He hopes to one day cure his own, but time is running out, as a demonic predator pursues him through a nightmare version of Boston – and when Declan’s temperature reaches zero…it’s over!


STORY: Alan Moore ART: Eddie Campbell, Pete Mullins

PUBLISHER: Knockabout Comics

SYNOPSIS: “I shall tell you where we are. We’re in the most extreme and utter region of the human mind. A dim, subconscious underworld. A radiant abyss where men meet themselves. Hell, Netley. We’re in Hell.” From Hell Details a particular notion about whom Jack the Ripper was involving the very heart of the British Establishment, including the Freemasons and The Royal Family.


STORY/ART: Jhonen Vasquez

PUBLISHER: Slave Labor Graphics

SYNOPSIS: JTHM follows the adventures of Johnny (you can call him Nny), who lives with a pair of styrofoam doughboys that encourage his madness, a wall that constantly needs a fresh coat of blood, and–oh, yeah–his victims in various states of torture.


STORY: Grant Morrison ART: Chris Burnham

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

SYNOPSIS: An astronomer kills his family, then himself, leaving a cryptic warning.A Veiled Lady hunts her victims through human nightmares. An occult hustler known only as ‘Nameless’ is recruited by a consortium of billionaire futurists for a desperate mission. And the malevolent asteroid Xibalba spins closer on a collision course with Earth. But nothing is what it seems-a terrifying inhuman experiment is about to begin. Abandon all hope and experience ultimate horror in NAMELESS.



These were left off due to either just not being a series I care for, or are already so popular most casual comic fans have probably heard of them already and they need no introduction.

Clean Room (DC Vertigo), Wytches (Image), The Walking Dead (Image), The Wake (DC Vertigo),  Southern Cross (Image), Revival (Image), Providence (Avatar), Outcast (Image), Locke & Key (IDW), InSEXts (Aftershock), House of Penance (Dark Horse), Crossed (Avatar), Black Hole (Pantheon), American Vampire (DC Vertigo), 30 Days of Night (IDW), Uzumaki (Viz Media), Tales from the Crypt (EC Comics), I…Vampire (DC Comics) The Disciples (Blackmask)…and many many more!

-Jeremy Scully

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