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To the mainstream public, actor Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man. That’s where the actor had his triumphant comeback, and that’s where he’s spent a good portion of his career for the past eight or so years. Some may have forgotten, however, that he’s also the lead in another franchise. While it may not be on the same level as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s fairly large in its own right.

That’s right. We’re talking SHERLOCK HOLMES. Nowadays, we have a few different interpretations of the world-famous Arthur Conan Doyle character: one on the BBC, one on CBS, and one series of big screen adaptations starring RDJ himself.

Both films in the latter film series were directed by Guy Ritchie, and brought in well over $500 million apiece. Not a bad haul for a property that’s over 125 years old. However, following the release of the second film, SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, we didn’t hear anything about a sequel. Not a peep. It wasn’t clear what the studio thought, and it was hard to call the film a disappointment, as the film exceeded the first film and box office gross, and still managed to be relatively well-received by critics.

It’s been five years since that movie, and while most would call it a dead franchise, it sounds like we’ll be seeing a sequel soon enough. In a recent interview with the ShortList, RDJ revealed that their busy schedules were the real culprits in delaying the film, but that they were planning on doing some work on it this year — with director Guy Ritchie coming back to the helm.

“If we could shoot it on Skype, we could have the whole [movie] done in a week. When we’re making those Sherlock movies it is off the hook. [So] we’ll attempt to make one this year. It really is a big deal to go and do those movies. I’m tired all the time, but I’m so excited about it.”

Downey even said he may take advantage of the promotional tour in London for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR to meet up with Ritchie.

“He’ll say ‘I’ll meet you on my bike’, all that sort of macho stuff. I’ve always considered riding a bike in London as taking your life in your own hands. Guy makes it look easy.”

What do you think? Does the thought of another SHERLOCK HOLMES film excite you, or is it too little too late?

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SOURCE: ShortList