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Fox and their X-MEN brand are gearing up for a big year. While most of the attention has gone to the other guys, with DC releasing BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and Marvel Studios giving us CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Fox has an opportunity with DEADPOOL to shake things up. The subversive anti-hero is about to make a big splash with his very own foul-mouthed, uber-violent, self-referential movie. Then in a couple of months, it’ll be followed up by another epic that’s set in the same world, which has its own sights set on expanding and enhancing the entire X-MEN Universe for Fox. 

With DEADPOOL, you can almost feel the studio trying to come off as the cool kid. Both DC and Marvel’s upcoming releases look very serious, very epic, and very hard-hitting, while Fox has unleashed Ryan Reynolds onto the world as the Royal Jester of the Comic Book Kingdom.  As such, this tweet was released with tongue planted firmly in cheek, to capitalize on both of the X-MEN movies coming out this year. On one side, you’ve got Olivia Munn who plays Psylocke in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, and on the other you have Reynolds.

It’s all fun and games for Fox right now. Do you think they should try to position themselves as the rebels? With DC all glum and epic, and Marvel all square-jawed family entertainment, could Fox carve out a niche as the bad boys? DEADPOOL could certainly help, and next year’s GAMBIT probably will, too, as the studio unleashes another one of its popular antiheroes.

Could work.

SOURCE: Twitter