– by Emmanuel Gomez

Last Friday was the release of the second episode of the first season of DC Universe’s Titans. We have seen a lot of both Dick Grayson and Raven as well as a bit of Starfire, Beast Boy, Hawk and Dove. With Donna Troy soon also showing up the question of other characters showing up has been asked to executive producer Geoff Johns.

Specifically TVLine asked Johns if the show was going to include any LGBT characters during the DC Universe world premiere of Titans. He responded by saying, “Of course.” We are speculating that the character he was talking about is Miguel Jose Barragan aka Bunker when he finished answering by saying, “There’s one Titan that already is gay, that we’ve talked about bringing on — probably next season.”

Miguel or Bunker was a member of Tim Drake’s Teen Titans team during DC Comic’s New 52. He was born and raised in Mexico, where his family and village accepted both his powers and his homosexuality. Which in turn gave him a very positive outlook in life. His positive attitude is one of the things that makes his character great being described as joyous and optimistic, he is often seen hugging his teammates. He is able to form purple constructs, mostly bricks and walls and is able to control their density. He was created by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth and made his first appearance in DC Comics’ Teen Titans #1 in November of 2011.

With how dark Titans has been so far, it would be interesting to see how a character like Bunker would fit into that group. Only time will tell if he ever even makes it on to the show, but for now there are lots of other characters to look forward to in the series.

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DC Universe’s Titans first two episodes are available now to stream on their streaming service, with the third debuting this Friday.


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Source: TVLine