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Could Oliver’s Sister Lead To The Return Of Other Characters?

Arrow is back for the second half of Season 7.  Following the cross-over event, fans now know that the show will eventually lead to the Crisis.  I have some theories I will be covering over the next couple of weeks.  Are they on track, or am I way off the mark?  Read on to find out:

All Roads Lead To Crisis On Infinite Earths — As I stated with my article for The Flash, this is a pretty obvious theory, but the way we get there is all the fun. Oliver learned a lot about himself when he switched roles with Barry.  In doing so, I believe he will try to be the ultimate sacrifice next season during The Crisis on Infinite Earths.  His personal meeting with The Monitor foreshadowed the fact that he may have made a verbal agreement if the situation were to arise. Because of this, I also feel that Arrow will pull out all of the stops in order to create a strong ending for the fans.

Diaz Isn’t Done — Yes, Oliver finally has him locked up with A.R.G.U.S., but I don’t think Diaz is done.  I do not think he will be the main focus for the second half of the season, which is a wise choice since he has been for the past year, but the Longbow Hunters are still out there, and in the comics they were connected to Komodo and Shado for some time (which I will touch on later). This week’s episode also reiterated that Dante paid Diaz’s debt to The Longbow Hunters, which shows yet another connection.

The Glades — The flash forwards this season have been fun, and we know that it has something to do with Felicity’s death.  Yes, she was apparently part of a group wanting to blow up the city, but while I think her new, darker path may have got her into this mess, I actually think she died trying to stop the plan, which is what she is trying to get the group to understand.  I do think Felicity will die this season or next, and I feel the writers are setting her up for a heroic death by trying to save the city. The interesting part is that in Season 1 The Glades were the issue to Star City, but now it is the opposite.  Are the same aristocratic families still trying to “purify” the city? I could definitely see this begin truly as the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now Mayor Rene Ramirez is also involved as well (did you see his hair?  Yikes).

Robert Queen Will Become A Focus — Ok, this may be a bit of a stretch, but would be pretty damn cool if it were to happen. We now know the new archer is Oliver’s half-sister, Emiko Queen, and if they are staying true to the comics, this has a ton of potential.  I know they gave the mother’s name in this week’s episode, but I really feel that this could be a smokescreen (or an incredible missed opportunity). I have an idea for how Emiko could connect to Seasons 1 and 2.

Emiko is actually related to Shado.  Stay with me here. Oliver washed up on the shore of Lian Yu. Could Robert have been there before, which is why it was the closest island?  Could that have been his destination?  He was going without his wife, Moira (more on her later). He could have possibly been there before, had an affair, which resulted in Emiko.  This would be a loose translation from the comics as Robert and Shado were the parents of Emiko (now that would be some soap opera s**t right there). If this is the case, this could have huge implications. Could Emiko be jaded as she was scorned by Robert AND Oliver? The focus has been on fatherly relationships, and this new revelation to Oliver is sure to have harsh ramifications.

Emiko and her mother were to be taken care of per Robert’s letter to Walter.  That obviously didn’t happen, which has resulted in Emiko’s vendetta, but I feel this goes much deeper than her mother’s death.  How else would her journal be the same to the one that Oliver’s father had in Season 1? Also, yes Robert said in the letter that he “loved” his mistress, but could he have actually sent out the hit on her in order to cover-up the whole situation?  Man, he sure has some skeletons in his closet.

Inferno Will Lead To A Character Return — This has been the part of the show that hasn’t had much attention, but is slowly being revealed. What is this mysterious “Inferno”.  Well, in the comics it is the base of the Ninth Circle, which is a secret criminal organization who at one time wanted Shado to assassinate Oliver Queen.  Now, who else was a member of this group? Moira Queen…

This takes us back to Season 1.  I think the group that was trying to bring down the Glades wasn’t just the elite group of the community.  I think it could have been the Ninth Circle.  Why?  Well, this could connect Moira, Robert, Shado, and even Malcolm Merlyn.  Did Moira know of Robert’s affair which led her to have an affair with Malcolm (who has been said to return this season whether it is in actuality or flashbacks), or vice versa?  Both would have resulted in an illegitimate child. Oh, the possibilities.  Malcolm trained Thea, could he have trained Emiko? Could this have been another reason to take down The Glades in Season 1?

The Jackals Will Return — With the return of The Ghost Initiative (aka Suicide Squad even though they can’t use the name), why not work back in Slade’s son, Kane, since he was used in the cross-over event as well as the short-lived subplot from last season. If this is possibly the second to last season of Arrow, then they are going to go out with a bang.  There is no way they don’t bring Slade back at least at some point.  Both individuals know and loved Shado.  Will they have to come together to bring her down if she, in fact, does return? Why not bring his son and the rest of The Jackals to help fight against The Longbow Hunters and possibly The Ninth Circle? Maybe even pull Talia in for help.  This could also lead to some of these character being caught, like Slade’s son, yet then include him into the Ghost Initiative. This would be a good way of passing the torch from Slade to Kane. The possibilities are endless, but I do think we will see Slade at some point within this season or the next.

What are your thoughts?  Is my imagination running wild? Do you agree with the theories, or do you think I am completely off the mark?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Monday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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