– by Emmanuel Gomez

Hellboy is set to star in his third feature film one year from now starring David Harbour. We’ll see how this film compares to the world that director Guillermo del Toro had already laid out starring Ron Perlman as the demon. In the meantime, we got a treat from the creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola.

Today via his Twitter feed, Mignola gave us a look at his first ever drawing of Hellboy (check it out below):

Obviously, he made quite a few changes before his final design. One of the most obvious Hellboy features that we are missing in this image is his stone hand. Also, it is interesting that this first image of the demon seems to have two sets of horns, one set on the side of the head intact and another set that has been cut off on his forehead. He has an array of weapons with him as well as, for whatever reason, a crab and a fish.

Hellboy first made an appearance in Dime Press #4 in March of 1993 on the cover. Then made his first full appearance in San Diego Comic Con Comics #2 in August of 1993. He is currently being published by Dark Horse Comics.

It would be interesting to talk to Mignola at an upcoming show to get some insight on how he designed this character and how it evolved into the Hellboy we know and love. What do you think of Mignola’s first attempt at Hellboy? Let us know below!


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Source: Mike Mignola