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Hollywood has quite the tendency to take things that have long since been dead, and rework them into something new, in hopes of capitalizing on brand recognition. It’s the main reason why franchise filmmaking is such a big thing in the industry. Nothing is precious, and even the most iconic things from the past are fair game.

Sylvester Stallone had put a nice capper on the Rocky franchise with Rocky Balboa, and the idea of continuing the story with Creed seemed one that was doomed to fail. Oh, how wrong we all were. The film turned out to be arguably as strong as the very first Rocky, and it paved the way for an all-new franchise.

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With Creed II, the franchise will be bringing back another character in the form of Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren. It was a move that has been met with skepticism. Do we really need to see this character return, and for Adonis Creed to tackle this demon? Speaking with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Lundgren himself seemed to have very similar reservations.

“That was something Stallone suggested to me about a year ago. I wasn’t sure, since it’s been about 30 years. I wanted Ivan Drago to live in the past, but it turned out that the script for Creed II was really good. All I can tell you is Ivan is back. The Russians come back over for a challenge.”

The big takeaway here is Lundgren’s initial hesitance. Like all of us, he may have seen the character as a relic of the Cold War. But the fact that he was won over by the script is something to feel positive about. The specifics for this story are still shrouded in mystery, but it’s encouraging to hear so much positive word surrounding it.

What do you think? Should they have brought Ivan Drago back? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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