Crisis on Earth-X — Parts 1 And 2 — Does The Event Excite This Year?

It is time for the annual CW crossover event, “Crisis on Earth-X”.  This year’s format has Supergirl followed by Arrow on Monday with The Flash followed by Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday. Last year’s event was a fun spectacle, how will this year’s event play out?  Read below to find out more regarding Supergirl and Arrow‘s segments in the series.

Supergirl — For a quick recap, the episode begins with Felicity 1 and Felicity 2 (Iris) both pretty much telling their significant others to stop focusing on defeating the newest obstacle to the city and talk about the upcoming wedding.  Yikes.  After that the episode was good laying the foundation for the Earth-X Nazi anachronisms attack on our heroes.  Oh, and Oliver asked Felicity to marry him and she said no…awkwardly and loudly…The culmination of the episode ended with a retreat of the Earth-X villains and the capture of Earth-X Prometheus.  I do have to say that Supergirl‘s episode was much more inclusive than last year’s.

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Earth-X’s Prometheus Is… — Tommy Merlin!  The reveal fans were all hoping for last season came true (to a degree) at the beginning of the episode!  What a great reveal.  At the end of Supergirl, it was shown that the other members of the Earth-X Nazi’s were two anachronisms of Oliver, Kara, and one of Harrison Wells.  I assumed Prometheus may be an anachronism of Chase, but I was wrong and loved the reveal. Tommy reveals that he wishes he were dead like his earth counterpart, because Earth-X does not grant any type of freedom.  They are forced into roles.  Tommy shows remorse, and fear, making Oliver feel that he may actually help them find the other anachronisms, but in yet another twist, Tommy’s true nature is seen when his conversation with Oliver was revealed to be a facade.  Oliver is then forced to witness the death of his “friend” all over again as Tommy tells him that the fuhrer will crush the weak, then he takes a cyanide pill.  It was sad to see Tommy leave so quickly, but it was such an impactful moment leading to more issues for Oliver in the future.  This is twice now he was not able to save his “friend”.  He claims that he knows it wasn’t actually Tommy, but this is something they could elaborate on (not to the point of Lance/Black Siren though).

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Then There Were Three — After Tommy’s demise, the anachronisms of Kara, Oliver, and Wells have a heated discussion revealing that they are running out of time looking for a prism.  It is clear that these versions of Oliver and Wells do not like each other, but know they must work together.  Well’s comment about Oliver being “less brooding” was a fun jab.  We also learn that these versions of Oliver and Kara are husband and wife.  Could this come into play later?  Wells makes it known that Oliver (Earth-X) may have to choose between the ultimate goal, or Kara’s life.

Relationship Mending — A chunk of the episode focused on fixing relationships rather than action. Jackson reveals to Dr. Stein that the lingering issue behind dismantling Firestorm is that he would be apart from Stein, who he has viewed as a father-figure.  Oliver and Felicity are still at odds over marriage, it’s still awkward between Sara and Alex from their one-night-stand, and Felicity and Iris continue to confide in each other.

(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Earth-X’s Plan — Wells gives fans a brief history of Earth-X saying that it is the 53rd earth,and one where the nazi’s won. As Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl track down their counterparts, the anachronisms tell them that they need something from them before revealing their identities.  (Oliver’s reminder about not having super-speed was a funny retort as to why he was late.)  The Earth-X crew sees earth as squandered potential and the epitome of weakness.  In another fun twist, was the reveal that Earth-X Wells is actually the original earth’s Wells from Season 1!  Time travel obviously played a role. This reveal has interesting implications for the future of The Flash look promising for the ongoing battle of Flash and Reverse-Flash.

As the main three face off, Oliver shoots Earth-X Supergirl was a kryptonite arrow to the surprise of everyone there.  Through the fight, the Earth-X crew take the prism they need in order to supposedly create a neutron-bomb.  The team then assembles to go retrieve the prism in a pretty cool montage of them gearing up. As they storm the Earth-X team they realize Arrow X (that’s what I will call them for short) is missing.  He ends up being at STAR Labs.  They had planned this as a diversion. Green Arrow X easily handles Team Arrow as The other members of Earth-X take down the rest of the crew.  On top of stealing the prism, Earth-X Oliver and Kara reveal that they need the other Kara in order for Supergirl-X to survive.  What’s the way to help her?  She needs a new heart, which Kara could give her.  The prism would create a red sun and weaken Kara so they could take her heart and she could continue as the general.  The episode ends with a confused team captured in a camp on Earth-X!

Extra — (Rory is still great as the comic relief character — wearing Dr. Stein’s robe, and having no idea where the team is were some of his high points.)

I have been happy with the crossover event so far!  Fighting their other earth counterparts has been extremely entertaining.  Last year’s event was fun, but each episode felt very individualized and kept the tone that represented their specific show.  This season seems much more fluid across the episodes which makes it feel like a TV movie! What did you think of the first two parts of “Crisis on Earth-X”?  Do you enjoy the format this season, or did you like last year’s better?  Was Supergirl and Arrow a good pairing?  What do you think The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have in store?    Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Be sure to tune in for Crisis on Earth-X: Parts 3 and 4!!

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