– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Fans had a lot of questions coming off of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, one of the questions didn’t necessarily revolve around the unanswered, so much as it revolved around the potential evolution of the characters.

Star Wars: Episodes 1-3 were about the main character turning to the Dark Side, and the Episodes 4-6 were about his redemption, and his son’s own temptation. With that in mind, would it be possible that Kylo Ren could turn to the Light Side, and that the arguable Mary Sue Rey could venture over to the Dark Side by the third entry in this trilogy?

While on Good Morning America, actress Daisy Ridley was asked about the character’s fate, and ever the deft, media savvy actress, Ridley said:

“I think the thing about this film is it’s not so… the lines are less clear as to, like, good and bad. Rey’s trying to find out about herself and about the universe, and those questions don’t entirely fall to the good, nor do they entirely fall to the bad.”

“She’s trying to do her own sort of personal growth and I think what’s amazing is that the end of the film — however that does end — it’s more rich. If it’s always good, the outcome isn’t as important as it might be if…you know. There’re blurred lines.”

For some time, there have been hints about an ever-graying Star Wars universe. For some time, things have been quite absolute. Someone is either absolutely evil or absolutely good when it comes to Jedi. Ironically enough, “only a Sith deals in absolutes,” as a wise man once said.

It’s overdue that this universe veer away from typical good and evil, and the fact that Ridley is hinting at this possibility is very exciting indeed.

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SOURCE: Good Morning America

  • Ryan Fink

    Rey kills a few porgs. So what?

  • axebox

    This makes too much sense as the number of movies requires a deeper, richer tale. Otherwise it will become stale.

  • Fallout Boy!

    Moral relativism at work!
    “There are heroes on both sides” was the start of pathetic PC idiocy. Oh, but the bad guys are GOOD guys in their own way, don’t you see!? Finn, a murderous stormtrooper for the massive evil Empire, is SHOCKED at death and blood. Gee. You would think they blitzed that out of their military forces. But hey! Any slave-allegory you can shoehorn the black guy into is fucking GOLD! They have gone so far out of their way to shove the agenda subtext into or faces that the story is paper-thin and the characters and dialogue are so clunky it sounds like an amateur theater take. You can copy the look to a T, but if you pull fraud on the motive for the audiences emotional investment you end up with something hollow. They’ve already made it clear they will NEVER take any chances. You do NOT fuck around with Disney Princess material in any way, shape, or form. Like it or not, the rest of SW is going to be committee-created, diversity-hire approved, safety-rails up from here on out.
    Nothing dynamic or truly compelling will ever emerge from castrated heroes, impotent villains, forced retreads, and Mary Sue heroines. The Force is with THEM, kids, not US. ETSB is as philosophical, emotionally engaging, and satisfying as it’s ever going to get. The End.

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