– by Stephon White

Netflix has debuted a trailer for Apostle. I have watched it, and you can consider me sold. It may be dark, but it has me intrigued. To top it off this film comes from the talented Garth Evans who is best known for The Raid, which was a visceral blast. Evans’ shift into the horror genre is a welcome one. Did I mention it stars Dan Stevens? It does. He plays Thomas Richardson, the hero here to pull back the veil and shine light on whoever has done all the kidnapping and sacrificing in this quaint village. The actors in the trailer certainly look the part and this could be some of the best body horror fans have had since David Cronenberg showed us how the human body has no limits. Tell me you aren’t sold too by the time you hit the 1:51 mark.

“God is pain. God is suffering. Beware false profits that come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Apostle premiers on October 12, and until then fans can feast their eyes on this trailer below.

I get this whole A Field in England and The Ritual vibe oozing from the trailer for Netflix’s new film Apostle. Why? It takes place during the year 1905 and has scenes of people impaled up in the trees. I found both films to get beneath my skin in a way most horror films as of late have failed to do. Occult. Check. Manic atmosphere. Check. Satanic mystery. Check. Here’s hoping this film allows Netflix to put another notch on the old victory belt. With directors like Cary Fukunaga, Gareth Edwards, and Shane Black taking Netflix deals, we have what you might call an embarrassment of riches my friends.

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