– by Seth McDonald

With the early reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi being absolutely fantastic, it appears as if Rian Johnson has done fine job (or from what I have read, an amazing job — you can read our full review in the link below) moving the trilogy forward to its conclusion, and our attention will soon turn to the trilogy’s final chapter, the still untitled, Star Wars: Episode 9.

Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the trilogy, recently spoke with Rolling Stone about her feelings when she heard J.J. Abrams was coming back to direct the final installment:

“Everyone was saying it was going to be Rian and everything, so I was genuinely quite surprised, and was like ‘Oh my God!’ and I started crying immediately with three people in the office. And they were like, ‘What the f**k just happened?’ So I emailed J.J. saying, ‘Oh my God I am crying.’ And he goes, ‘Oh my God, me too.’ And then we had a conversation a few days later and we stay in touch. But we stayed in touch the whole time anyway.”

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Having Rian Johnson finish the trilogy was my first thought as well. Ridley seems to have a close relationship with Abrams, and they seems excited at the idea of working together once again.

While I still haven’t seen The Last Jedi (going on Thursday) I am interested to see what Abrams does without the sort of restrictions he had on him during The Force Awakens, without the worry of having to be safe enough to lay the groundwork for future films.

Are you glad J.J. Abrams is returning for the conclusion of the trilogy? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Rolling Stone