– by Nick Doll

Netflix and Marvel Studios seem to be in a constant state of production for their numerous series including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher.

ScreenRant reports that Daredevil Season 3 begins filming today, Monday, November 13, in New York City. This information comes from Twitter users UseableID, who posted a picture of street signs announcing filming of “Ringside S3.”

“Ringside” has been the working title for both the production of Daredevil Season 1 and Season 2. The shoot is expected to continue early into next year.

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Meanwhile, CBR.com confirms that Iron Fist Season 2 will begin production in December. The production listing, spotted by SpoilerTV, states that Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, and other actors are to being shooting their scenes at this time, also in New York City (obviously).

After being the most hated Marvel Cinematic Universe show, until the release of Inhumans from the same showrunner, Scott Buck, Iron Fist Season 2 is now under the watchful eye of Raven Metzner, who has been an executive producer on Sleepy Hollow and writer of 2005’s Elektra.

In other corners of the Netflix MCU, Jessica Jones Season 2 wrapped production several months ago and Luke Cage Season 2 is currently in production. And The Punisher drops on Netflix this Friday, November 17.

Which upcoming new season are you looking forward to the most? It’s Iron Fist, isn’t it? Don’t lie! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: SpoilerTV (via CBR.com), ScreenRant

  • chaburchak

    Just think, two or three more seasons of Iron Fist and they finally give him a costume! Though I hear it will just be a different color hoodie, thereby keeping it “real” and “gritty”…

    • Monkey_Kebab

      Yep… that was the problem with Iron Fist… It wasn’t the shitty story, or shitty actor, or shitty fight choreography… no, it was the missing costume. If he’d only been wearing a green & yellow unitard that show would’ve been like Olivier performing Hamlet, instead of another turd one would expect to find floating in the CW toilet.

      Yeah… you really hit the nail on the head there skipper!

      • Smerdyakov

        Or if he’d had no personality, like he doesn’t in the comic.

      • chaburchak

        Good try, spirochete, but nowhere in my post did I say the costume was the only problem with the series. Everything you mentioned sucked, and I could probably add a few more to the list (like the oh-so-cheap mashed potato flake snow scenes). But making a superhero series — two if you count The Defenders — without once showing the character as he appears in the comic book just shows the disdain the filmmakers have for the character as well as the audience.

        • Monkey_Kebab

          Aw peaches… look at you try… that’s just goddamn adorable! Maybe if you take another look at your post you’d realize the ONLY thing you identified as a problem was the lack of his costume… although you did mention a concern for the fact that they might go with a hoodie instead. Could it be that what you really yearn for is to see a man in skin-tight spandex? Hmmm…

          Of course it’s possible that you’re just simple-minded. After all, in your world the lack of his costume demonstrates the show’s creators feel derision towards both the character and audience. Thank god you don’t need any evidence to support that… I presume you got this from the woodland creatures that populate the magic fairy land in your head. You know, the one where Amy Schumer’s wearing the Iron Fist unitard while pegging you with ‘The Annihilator’?

          Anyway… how else was I to know that you had any more objections to the show, other than to go by what you wrote? Was I supposed to read your mind? Dear lord… diving into that open sore is the kind of thing that would surely result in an STD. I shudder at the thought…


          • chaburchak

            I wish you were half as witty as you think you are, but that’s not the case. So have a nice day.

  • Kronx

    Actually, I AM looking forward to Iron Fist a little more. I’m sure DD3 will be great, but it seems like it’s adapting a story with which I’m very familiar.

    Iron Fist however has something to prove. This season has to be amazing, or that’s it for IF. I expect we will see the best they have to offer.

  • suckit15694

    wait i thought we all agreed we didn’t need a season 2 of iron fist

  • jonathing

    2005’s Elektra.that one line has dash my hopes and yes dreams