– by Kyle Malone

I had thought the age of movie tie-in songs died a decade or so ago, but then came “Venom” from Eminem with last year’s Venom and those dreams were dashed. Now we get another 90’s-esque movie music video for Dark Phoenix from Emeli Sandé and her song “Extraordinary Being”.

In the video, we get a lot of shots already seen in the trailers for Dark Phoenix but we also see images of what may be the mutant Dazzler:

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How similar does that look to this panel from one of the X-Men comics?

Pretty obvious right? Dazzler was rumored to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse with Taylor Swift taking the part, but that didn’t happen. Then there were rumors that Halston Sage would play the part in the upcoming film as far back as 2017. Sage does not appear on the IMDb page for Dark Phoenix and neither does the character of Dazzler, but that doesn’t mean anything. The possible Dazzler is in a forest in this video and seems to be using her light manipulation powers to pull a Groot and light the way for a group of people in the dark. Maybe The X-Men? I hope my sarcastic voice is coming through.

Dazzler first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #130 in 1980 with the ability to change sound into light. She used these abilities in a musical career to create spectacular stage shows.

Do you want to see Dazzler in this film? Do you plan to see this film at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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