– by Kyle Malone

When I was young and immature I would revel in the failure of movies that I didn’t like. I have of course grown up and realized what goes into making a movie and the effect a box office bomb can have on the careers of actors, writers, and filmmakers. I will be honest though… I wanted Venom to fail, but not out of pettiness like when I used to route for DC films to bomb, but because a successful Venom-verse could mean Sony taking Spidey from the MCU. That would be bad! I want films to succeed because that means they’re good and people are entertained, and I love being entertained.

Back to the topic at hand, the 2019 reboot of Hellboy had an uphill battle from the get-go. Most people wanted to see Guillermo del Toro finish his planned Hellboy trilogy and the first trailer for the reboot did nothing to separate itself from del Toro’s films. The reboot was sold to fans as darker and more violent, but besides some gore, in the second trailer, nothing seemed to make this movie worth paying for over watching the first two on Netflix for free.

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So is it really surprising that the film did poorly at the box office? It was panned by critics and audiences alike and ended its domestic run with a miserable $21.9 million after 35 days. That’s right, five weeks and it’s done! The film still has some foreign markets to make a few bucks in and won’t hit Japan until this fall, but there’s almost no way it makes a profit.

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