Dave Bautista Doesn’t Seem Happy With Drax And Thanos Conclusion

Dave Bautista doesn’t seem happy with Drax and Thanos conclusion in the MCU. Though, in general right now, I get the feeling Bautista doesn’t seem happy with Drax. Bautista knows Guardians 3 will be his last Marvel movie and has said so more than once. One would assume Bautista is still a bit peeved by the whole James Gunn firing situation. The pair of them are good friends after all. Bautista essentially said he won’t play Drax again unless Gunn was involved. Since Gunn’s reinstatement, the actor has been really outspoken about Guardians 3 being his finale in Marvel.

Perhaps another reason Bautista went cold on Drax though, was the way his vendetta against Thanos was handled, or concluded one might say? Check out Bautista’s social media post below.

See, I’m not sure I can follow and agree with Bautista on this one. Drax may have wanted to kill Thanos badly, but he really wasn’t capable of doing so at any point. The only way realistically Drax could have destroyed Thanos was to have him use the Infinity Gauntlet. Ergo that would have changed the death of Tony Stark. Drax was willing to fight Thanos to the death, but both times he managed to face the Titan he was severely outmatched. Thanos at the time had the Infinity Gauntlet and various Stones. Even without that, Thanos kicked the hell out of Hulk without actually using any of the Stones in the beginning of Infinity War. Whereas we saw Drax get his ass whupped by Ronin in the first Guardians movie.

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For me I think Bautista should trust the Russos. In most fans eyes the Russos got Infinity War and Endgame spot on. A far more interesting journey is where Drax goes next in Guardians 3. Now Drax has no one to take his vengeance out upon, how does he feel about that? What drives Drax now other than helping his friends? Bautista would probably kick the butt of any of the actors in the MCU including Josh Brolin. However for me it would have made little sense to see Drax vs Thanos. Even Cap with Mjolnir giving him Thor’s powers was not enough and that’s with Thor and Iron Man helping. That was Thanos with no Stones, and the only characters powerful enough to face him and match him then were Wanda and Cap Marvel.

I loved how OP they made Thanos, one of my favorite things about those movies.  Maybe Dave Bautista doesn’t seem happy with Drax and Thanos conclusion because he wanted Drax to be the one who finally defeated Thanos? I’m just not sure I can agree that would have been better.

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