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David Goyer Wrote A Star Wars Movie To Be Directed By Guillermo del Toro

Folks we have a Disney theatrical slate update from yesterday, and we're breaking it down, this is the Star Wars Edition.

Unlikely that we will ever see it, but David Goyer wrote a Star Wars movie that was to be directed by Guillermo del Toro. Goyer revealed the information when she appeared on the Happy Sad Confused show recently. You can catch the full video below, and I suggest you do. This was a very revealing interview where Goyer talked about his experiences making The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, plus his new series Foundation. It’s not news worthy content, unless you like hearing about what could have been on some old movies. But a great watch.

Towards the very end of the interview Goyer is asked about what franchises he wishes he could step into. Goyer clearly would like to write a Star Wars movie, that gets made. However, he has already got two scripts that were written and not made. First off, Goyer revealed he wrote a script for a Star Wars movie around 4-5 years ago that was to be directed by Guillermo del Toro. Goyer does not go into details on exactly what the movie was about, nor why it never happened. Ultimately though, it’s clear Lucasfilm just decided not to make it.

After this news broke, del Toro himself confirmed the news and added a bit of a tease. Check that out.

Now there is of course lot’s of speculation on what del Toro’s tease actually means? I think the most reasonable solution so far is Jabba. Fans online, myself included, think there’s a chance del Toro was making a movie set within Jabba’s Palace, set before Return of the Jedi.

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Remember there was an EU book called Tales From Jabba’s Palace. To be honest that was a really cool book of anthology stories which were connected by the characters eventual arrival at Jabba’s Palace just before Luke showed up.

Now this is not a lock by a long stretch folks. It’s just what I consider a logical guess based on del Toro’s body of work, and the three letters above. Tomorrow he could say, ‘here’s another letter, V’ and this theory is out the window. Chances are that we never get any clarity on this point. Lucasfilm needs to protect themselves in case they ever decide to come back round to this, or a similar concept. Same with Goyer and del Toro who may both wish to work for Lucasfim down the line.

On that note, Goyer left another interesting nugget. He also sent in a draft of a script for a a movie set 25k years before the current era and about the early Jedi Knights. Now that sounds really, really close to the movie James Mangold is currently developing. One wonders if Lucasfilm had two similar but unique ideas and they chose to go with Mangold? Or, if Mangold had some access to the draft Goyer put together?

Again, we may never know, but Goyer definitely appears keen to make a Star Wars movie, and it seems he has been close already.

David Goyer wrote a Star Wars movie that was to be directed by Guillermo del Toro. He also wrote a draft of a movie very similar to what James Mangold is writing now. What do you think of this latest Star Wars news? Would you like to see Goyer doing something in the GFFA? Thoughts below as always.

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