– by Joseph Jammer Medina

You need only look at the reception to the DC Extended Universe films to know that they were less than universally praised by fans. Unfortunately, in attempts to chase their admiration, the studio looked to lightening the tones of films like Suicide Squad and Justice League. The only film to escape that approach seems to have been Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which had a solid bedrock on which the actual film was produced.

Their upcoming slate of films was also affected, with the studio seemingly reacting to every breeze in the industry. Films that were on their slate sort of fell by the wayside, countless others took their place, and now we’re at a point where it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of what’s actually in development and what’s been shelved. One may even call it a “s**tshow.”

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Well, apparently, that description is pretty on point. Recently, Conjuring producer Walter Hamada was brought in to take over DC film production at Warner Bros., and one insider said that “he walked into a s**tshow, and he’s trying to clean it up.”

From the sound of it, things aren’t just bad from the outside looking in, as much as I personally hoped that was the case. They are (or at least were before Hamada came in) something of a hot mess. Like many fans out there, I love these DC characters and want to see these films succeed, but after seeing the studio scramble to pick up the pieces film after film, it’s very clear they needed a change. Let’s hope that Hamada is the change they needed.

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