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When it was revealed that NBC ordered a workplace sitcom set in the world of DC Comics, it caught some people off guard. How closely would it be related to the comics? According to IGN, who had a chance to see a trailer for POWERLESS, there’s actually quite a bit of energy put into tying the series into DC and its iconic characters.

While the spot has not yet been uploaded to the web, IGN shared with us what they saw, and here are the juiciest DC bits:

  • There will be a visual reference in the trailer that evokes BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE
  • Crimson Fox will factor big in the pilot when she catches a train that contains series star Vanessa Hudgens, who’s unimpressed and requests for the train to be put on the tracks so she can get to work
  • We glimpse Hawkman on a Rolling Stone magazine cover
  • There’s dialogue that references Green Lantern and Wonder Woman
  • One of Hudgens’s co-workers says she wants to “nail Aquaman so hard.”

What do you think? Does this add to your interest for POWERLESS? I’m intrigued to see the actual trailer and see how everything works together tonally.