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Yes, fan and critical reaction to the DCEU’s BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE may be mixed-to-negative at best, but I’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t find that opening sequence with Bruce Wayne in Metropolis compelling. While that fight scene at the end of MAN OF STEEL may have been overly-long, and a bit overkill, seeing the carnage from a normal human’s perspective was quite the spectacle.

Even better is the attention to detail director Zack Snyder always brings to his films. Upon BvS’s trailer release, there was a .gif floating around that lined up Zod’s laser vision from MAN OF STEEL to what we saw in BATMAN v SUPERMAN. It matched up perfectly and is a testament to the care Snyder puts into his films (even if his story sensibilities aren’t always on par). 

Well, one fan named The Film Guy took it one step further and cut together that whole opening sequence with the fight in MAN OF STEEL, once again highlighting how well put together the entire sequence is.

Check it out down below!

Of course, a great amount of credit goes to The Film Guy for cutting this sequence together, but an even more enormous amount of credit needs to go to Snyder. As mentioned above, he may not be one of the most beloved filmmakers out there right now, but no one can say he half-asses his movies. Despite the missteps, it’s very clear how much the man cares about his craft and product.

The fact that the edit from The Film Guy is so seamless is quite the testament of that. In fact, seeing this sequence, I almost want to go back to MAN OF STEEL and cut it together with BATMAN v SUPERMAN so that it plays out as a long TV series. Imagine coming to the tail end of the “Zod arc” and being introduced to Bruce Wayne in this fashion amid the chaos of the climactic battle? That’d be quite the entry.

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SOURCE: The Film Guy