DC WEEKLY: 5 Reasons the Final BATMAN v SUPERMAN Trailer Kicked Ass!

Batman v Superman

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THIS WEEK I’ll be talking about the recent trailer that dropped for BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

5 Reasons the Final BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Trailer Kicked Ass

Holy wow, WB dropped a bombshell on us today. I know I’m not the first to say, this, but where in the hell was this trailer a few months ago? 

I’ll admit, I had my trepidations at first. After all, we’ve already seen a decent chunk of footage from the film, and in the previous trailer, I expressed my concerns over the direction the marketing was taking. On the whole, I still found myself thrilled with the idea of a BATMAN v SUPERMAN film, but it was all in spite of the trailer presented. Today, I find myself in the exact opposite position.

I loved this trailer so much, that I’m beside myself. In all honesty, I’m going to do my best to leave my fanboy voice at the door, but I’m not making promises. But anyways, you didn’t come here to hear me jabber in the preamble. You came for a damn list, so here you go.

1. The Bruce and Alfred Banter

I love me some Michael Caine. The man definitely brought a distinctly more human side to the character of Alfred Pennyworth n THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. He was the old, dependable father figure with enough speeches in him to make a grown man cry.

Jeremy Irons’ Alfred seems decidedly more cheeky than the Caine Alfred, and I’m one hundred percent okay with it. Hearing Alfred give that offhand, grumpy side comment brought back memories of similar one-liners from the character in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and gives us a bit of flavor that we’ve never seen before on the big screen. To top it all off, I love actually seeing Alfred assisting Bruce in his missions rather than simply being the voice of reason.

2. Batman is Terrifying

Who would’ve thought that this lumbering behemoth of a bat man would move so darn quickly? And not only is he fast, but the amount of power behind this hits? Breathtaking. While Christian Bale’s Batman had a more altruistic approach to his fights, Batfleck doesn’t seem to have a problem with breaking a few necks on the road to justice.

This all definitely alludes to a much more seasoned and war-torn Bruce Wayne–one who’s almost given up on the humanity of man, and his doing his best to beat them into submission. With that in mind, I look forward to the inevitable character development that will befall him in the upcoming DCEU films.

3. Wonder Woman

I’ve had my reservations in the past about WB revealing Wonder Woman in all their advertising. She’s been in every trailer, but despite that, only now do we actually hear her voice. It seemed like the studio was doing the best to play the ads to the female market–all while not having a lot of confidence in the character.

With this trailer, we only got one line out of her, but it was all we needed. I didn’t want much, just an idea of how the character will be played. I wasn’t disappointed. Gal Gadot gave her line with confidence, and her leap and war cry in the next few shots just screamed fun. You’ve sold me on Wonder Woman. Now you just have to deliver.

4. The Music

This is in distinct contrast with my column for the last trailer, which had that obnoxious ascending four-note loop. It felt lazy and jokey in the worst possible way. What’s more, despite being jokey, it simultaneously seemed to take itself way too seriously.

With this trailer, the music was just a lot of fun. It gave the trailer this forward-moving momentum that was unlike any of the other footage we’ve seen. Like the recent SUICIDE SQUAD trailer, I didn’t feel like I was on board to watch an overly-dreary moral quandary film, but a fun comic book movie based on some of my favorite comic book characters. With this trailer, I know I’m going into a movie where I’m guaranteed to have a good time.

5. Batman v Superman

This is the most important part of all. The last trailer made the mistake of spreading itself too thin. The studio didn’t seem to have confidence in their product, and as a result, felt the need to throw in everything and the kitchen sink into the mix.

This final trailer proved that less is more. It focused the narrative back on Batman and Superman, and built up excitement on that front. Yes, we know that justice is dawning in the very near future, but right now, I want to get sold on Batman fighting Superman, and I sure as hell want the marketing to reflect that.

What’d you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments down below!

BATMAN v SUPERMAN hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

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