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Starting with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, Fox’s Marvel franchise about heroic mutants began exploring specific decades in American history. FIRST CLASS took place during the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST occurred during the 1970s and featured controversial figure President Richard Nixon, and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE will bring us to the 1980s. With this trend becoming more and more apparent, many have speculated about what would be next for the X-MEN franchise. In a chat with Coming Soon, producer Simon Kinberg has revealed what the plan is.

The logical conclusion drawn by fans is that the X-MEN franchise would continue to go decade by decade, sequentially. This, of course, means that the 90s would be next. In his chat with the site, Kinberg directly confirmed this. “The next one is set in the ’90s,” he said, in no uncertain terms.

While it’s unclear which film he’s referring to, as there are several X-MEN films currently in development, I think it’s safe to say he means the next main X-MEN film. Spinoffs like DEADPOOL and WOLVERINE have all taken place during periods unrelated to the primary X-films. DEADPOOL was present day, as was THE WOLVERINE. But WOLVERINE III will take place in the future. So it’s unlikely that Kinberg is referring to X-MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS with this comment, despite that film- technically- being the “next one.” The Josh Boone-directed spinoff will be set in whatever period best serves the story.

Excited to see the X-MEN enter the 90s?

SOURCE: Coming Soon