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THIS WEEK I talk a bit of news, ranging from a correction of that recent Doomsday piece we ran a few days back, to Tom Hardy losing his “Suicide Squad” gig. I also take this break in the TV season to talk “Legends of Tomorrow,” The CW’s hotly-anticipated DC TV series set to air in January!


About That Doomsday Piece…

First off, I’d like to apologize.

A few days ago, I ran a piece about an interview with “Batman v Superman” production designer Patrick Tatopoulos. In the interview he talked about Doomsday not being the final act of the film. 

Well, it turns out that interview was completely fabricated. It’s unclear where the fabrication lies. To me, it looks like Cosmic Book News made it up, but I’m not one to point any fingers, or infer malice or ill-will. We believed the interview came from French outlet Premiere, and that Cosmic Book News had translated the article and posted it online. However, Premiere took to Twitter and claimed that they did NOT interview Patrick Tatopoulos.

We at Latino-Review sincerely apologize for unintentionally misleading our readers into believing such an interview take place. It is not our goal to throw up wrong information simply to drive clicks, and we’ll do what we can to legitimize the sources in the future for stories like that.

Tom Hardy on Leaving “Suicide Squad”

As many of you know, in theupcoming DC/WB film “Suicide Squad,” the role of Rick Flag was originally supposed to be played by Tom Hardy. However, the “Revenant” actor had to drop out unexpectedly. When that happened, rumors fluttered about that Hardy was unhappy with the amount of screen time Flag had in the film in comparison with Will Smith’s Deadshot. The reality was a bit less interesting.

It turns out that filming for “The Revenant” went through some delays due to weather, and as a result, Hardy could no longer fulfill his obligation to WB for “Suicide Squad.” In a recent interview with Variety, Hardy bemoans the circumstances that led to his loss of the role, and ultimately, the loss of money.

“[‘The Revenant’] punched right into [the shooting schedule for ‘Suicide Squad’], yeah. That got derailed for me. Was I bummed? Of course I was. I hate f**king losing work. I kept bemoaning that they were losing me significant money on a daily basis. Actually, it was good for my character [in ‘The Revenant’].”

The role of Rick Flag ultimately went to Joel Kinnamon, who is perhaps best known for his role in the recent “Robocop” remake. Will Hardy’s presence be missed in the film? We’ll have to wait until August 2016 to find out.

Zack Snyder Shows ‘Star Wars’ Love in ‘BvS’ Mashup Videos

Love or hate his movies, Zack Snyder is as much of a nerd as the rest of us. As such, it’s no real surprise that the man’s just as excited as the rest of the world to revisit a galaxy far, far away. 

A few days ago, Snyder took to Twitter to show his excitement. Check out the videos below!


“Legends of Tomorrow” Departs From “Arrow”-verse

A few weeks back, “The Flash” and “Arrow” had a special two-hour crossover event that helped to introduce elements for the CW’s next ambitious series, “Legends of Tomorrow.” This show is set to bring the element of time travel to the table, something that can undoubtedly throw the whole “Arrow”-verse into complete chaos if handled wrong.

Fans have been wondering how the TV shared universe will handle this new element, and if it will complicate things unnecessarily. Make no mistake, the folks over at The CW have been thinking about this as well, and as a result, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be having any “Legends of Tomorrow”/“The Flash”/“Arrow” crossovers at any point.

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti said the following regarding “Legends of Tomorrow”:

“Once ‘Legends’ is born in January, there’s really no intersection [with it] on the other shows. ‘Legends’ is kind of its own wacky, crazy kind of thing that allows for some fun surprises in terms of who may visit and how because they’re flying through the timeline and you’ll start to see more of that. But not on ‘Arrow’ or ‘Flash.’”

The move is likely a smart one, but it’s also potentially disappointing one for those excited to see CW’s TV universe expand even further. While “Arrow” will suffer its losses, perhaps hardest hit by this will be “The Flash.” Looks like Cisco’s love life is officially over with Hawkgirl (though we all saw that coming), and you can say goodbye to Professor Stein and Jax (a.k.a. Firestorm), as well as Heatwave. But perhaps the biggest loss for “The Flash” is Wentworth Miller’s deliciously campy Captain Cold.

Up until this point, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold has been an admirable rival/enemy to Barry Allen — one that helps break up the typical monster-of-the-week format for the series. His growth as a character from baddie to anti-hero has been an awesome one to see, and while it’s great we’ll get to see that arc finish in “Legends of Tomorrow,” I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d miss him in “The Flash.”

Now, it should be clarified that “Legends of Tomorrow” will still exist in The CW TV universe, but we can’t really expect to see these superheroes interact outside of their shows. Time travel, it seems is just too difficult of a beast to tame in order to make something like that possible. Despite all this, I’m still not sure if “Legends of Tomorrow” will prove to be a good show. Sure, it has a great pedigree, but it’s an ambitious series with plenty of room to skew too much into the realm of cheesy camp science fiction. The trailers haven’t done much to alleviate my concerns, either, but TV is notorious for having bad trailers (“Better Call Saul,” for example, had a god-awful trailer), so I’ll reserve my judgments.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy “Legends of Tomorrow” will go off on its own? Which parts/characters from “Arrow” and “The Flash” will you miss most?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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