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2016’s Deadpool not only brought with it a more comic-faithful interpretation of the titular character, played by Ryan Reynolds, but also injected new life into the X-Men-favorite Colossus. Now, that’s not to say that there was anything wrong with Colossus in the X-Men films, but due to the sheer number of characters in those movies, it was impossible for him to get the attention he deserved.

Additionally, since that take on Colossus had originated in a time when films were less faithful to its source material, it resulted in a version that, while cool, didn’t really resemble his actual character, apart from his metallic abilities.

Now, with the upcoming Untitled Deadpool Sequel, actor Stefan Kapičić will get a chance to delve deeper into this character. Following the release of the trailer on Wednesday morning, LRM had a chance to speak with Kapičić regarding the upcoming film.

Check out the international trailer below (which briefly shows Colossus), and have a read of our extensive interview with the actor below!

Today, the big trailer just dropped for “Deadpool 2,” and I know in the international edition of the trailer we got to see a glimpse of Deadpool grabbing your ass, which was pretty funny, I have to say, Colossus, for me, in the first “Deadpool” movie, was one of those big, unexpected surprises. You know, we really didn’t know going into it just how extensive his role would be and what his overall relationship would be, and I think we all really enjoyed what came of it. What can you tell us about what we can expect from Colossus in “Deadpool 2”?

Kapičić: You can definitely expect much more of his father figuring and trying to put all the bad things, to transform them into good things. You will see his mission is to make Deadpool an X-Man and just … That’s the thing that he is doing. He’s an old-school superhero. Colossus, he’s like Marvel’s response to Superman. He’s old-school superhero with Russian accent. He’s old-school, really old-school superhero. His connection to Deadpool is that older brother kind of thing. He’s trying to get him to become a better person.

That’s the beauty about their relationship, and I’m so grateful that Colossus and that I got this chance to portray him in this movie and to get Colossus, as you said, the time that he deserved, because he’s definitely one of the iconic X-Men. The thing is that the Deadpool franchise gave him a new life, and people are geeking out, so in Deadpool 2 you will see much more of the beauty of Colossus’ soul and, unfortunately, I cannot talk more what’s going to happen, because as you can see, the Fox is having their own marketing thing, so we’ll wait a little bit more until I can say much more about it. The thing is, people are going to geek out when they see the role of Colossus in the sequel.

So he hasn’t given up on trying to make Deadpool an X-Man?

Kapičić: No, never. That’s the beauty of their relationship, because Deadpool is such a perfect character, and having Colossus on the other side just makes his character much better, in one way, because it’s a perfect contrast between the characters. It’s so great that we had him in the first part and now in the sequel, doing the same mission and trying to make a better world and better people of his friends.

You know, Colossus loves Deadpool. That’s one of the most beautiful things. He really trusts, believes in him, and that’s one of the things he will never stop doing. As I said, unfortunately, I would love to say much more, but it’s not the time.

When I get the approval to say more, there are so many things we get in Colossus in the sequel, so we need to wait a little bit more so I can tell you all about it. When you see it, you will know what I was talking about. Then I will be glad to talk with you again and to share the excitement which I have for the sequel.

This morning, when I saw the trailer, and the perfect Cable played by amazing Josh Brolin, I was geeking out, because I’m a huge comic book geek. For me, this is not just a role. This is not just a movie that I’m in. It’s something unexplainable, because I so love this role that from the moment that I know about myself. I’m a comic book geek and I’m a collector of comic books and everything else. For me, I’m watching this from so many angles. I’m really blessed and thankful to God that I have this opportunity.

Was there any apprehension going into that first movie about not only playing this character, but giving a different perspective on the character, completely different from what they’ve seen in the X-Men film?

Kapičić: No, because this is like … I have a huge respect for the actor that played Colossus in the X-Men franchises, but this is a totally different timeline and it was … In the first part we have Tim Miller, who is a huge comic book geek, and he wanted to give Colossus the time that he deserves and the visual looks that we think that Colossus is.

We didn’t think about the first Colossus, if I can say it like that, because we just did our own story and we just trust in that. Tim had his own vision of this, because he’s honest to the comic books. For me, I think that we did a great job because of the fans and everybody else. Everybody loves Colossus, so I think … No, “I think.” I’m sure we did a great job with it.

On the other side you had Deadpool before, of course, played by Ryan Reynolds, but then again, this is an upgrading of all the characters, and that’s why we got this kind of a hit and a huge franchise with it. Just because we believed in that and we didn’t look to any references. We just did what we think that we are supposed to do, and to be honest to the comic books, especially with the Russian accent, which is my accent, generally.

We just did the thing how we imagined Colossus when we were kids or when we were getting into the comic books. You always, when you’re reading, if you remember the Uncanny X-Men, I think 124, when Colossus becomes the Proletarian, or the trial of Colossus. We’ve thought about Colossus, and how he says lots of Russian words, so you always go to that character with a character with Russian accent.

How was it working with David Leitch? Was there a huge difference between him and Tim Miller? How did that go?

Kapičić: I’m still working on it, by the way, so I’m still in the process of tweaking the things we got on Colossus. David is a beautiful director. You can never compare directors, because they all have their own signature to directing.

For me, it was a beautiful experience working with Tim, and Tim is my friend. On the other side, I just met … Well, not just, but a year ago, I met David and started working with him and totally … Every director gives you a specific school, and I already built the character, so we were just tweaking it.

Working with David was such a pleasure and it still is because he’s such a clever and fast guy, and he’s really a master of his job. I have to say that I learned so many things from both of those directors, and I’m really glad that I have a chance to work with him. You know, David did John Wick and Atomic Blonde, the movies that I really love, so it was really a pleasure and honor to work with David, and still work with him on this movie.

Obviously, you’re limited in what you can say, but is there anything you’re looking forward to fans seeing the most in this movie?

Kapičić: Oh, yes. Oh my god, yeah. I have the ready answer, but unfortunately, it goes against the NDAs. There is something that I can put my life on that the fans will be geeking out much more than in any movie they have seen till today. There is something that goes to the [mythology] of the comic book. I just cannot go further than this, but there is something really big regarding Colossus in this movie, so, unfortunately, I have a censor standing in front of me sent by Fox in case I say something a little bit off (laughs). I’m just joking, but then again, I would love to say so many things.

The only thing that I can say that every second of waiting is worth it, as you can see this morning with this trailer and with this perfect, funny craziness that the Deadpool brings to such a serious moment at the beginning, and then stop with a CGI moment and the reference to Justice League. This is the way that we were going to be having next few months before the movie comes out.

Just wait a little bit more, and people are going to get the most — Infinity War is something that I really want to see as a geek, but on the other side, I’m so happy that fans still, even with this trailer, they don’t know what they’re expecting still, because there’s so much more, and that’s the beauty of Deadpool, because you can always expect the unexpected.

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel hits theaters on May 18, 2018.

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