– by Joseph Jammer Medina

You may have heard the contradicting reports regarding initial test screenings for Fox’s Untitled Deadpool Sequel. On one end, you had a few people on Twitter discuss how the film was received poorly by fans, with one pointing to a specific plot twist as the specific reason for why the film “suffered.” On the other hand, you had a specific outlet stating that these reports were unequivocally false. So where’s the real story?

While we may never know whether or not the reports were actually true, we do have a new report from THR that discusses even more recent test screenings. The outlet states that the first two screenings scored 91 and 97. The final test, which took place in Dallas, used two different cuts of the flick. One scored 98, and the other 94. As it stands, the studio is going with the cut of the film that scored 98.

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But that’s not all. One person described the viewing as it being akin to watching the Super Bowl — pretty damn high praise.

The outlet also stated that the production had six days of reshoots in Vancouver last month, where they added more of what audiences loved. Furthermore, they spent two hours in Los Angeles adding a secret cameo for the film.

All in all, it sounds like those initial reports were much ado about nothing, and if this report is to be believed, we may be in for another classic!

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