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Deadpool 2 is out in theaters this Friday, but it will be missing two exciting scenes we’ve just heard about, thanks to Uproxx.

Don’t worry, the film is plenty funny without them. Read my review!

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First, Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed an “audition” they wanted to have for a familiar face during the putting together of Deadpool’s X-Force. Wernick explained:

“There were more X-Force interviews that were talked about. One was Chris Evans as Human Torch.”

When asked if they reached out to Chris Evans, Reese explained the joke never made it that far:

“No, no, we never got that far. Someone had the idea we actually did and we thought that was better. But we definitely had a lot more X-Force interviews with bizarre, random people coming in to interview.”

Finally, the pair commented on a cut mid-credits sequence.

SPOILER WARNING – The description of this scene could possibly spoil plot elements about Deadpool 2.

You’ve been warned.

Reese and Wernick explained what was cut from the mid-credits sequence in Deadpool 2:

“Reese: Deadpool goes back and kills baby Hitler at the very end. That’s what was supposed to happen.

Wernick: And not just supposed to happen, we shot it.

Reese: We shot it and we put it in front of an audience. He’s got the crib and he’s standing in the German nursery and he’s leaning over the crib to do it and there was kind of this, ‘ohhhhh.’ And we thought we don’t want to leave the crowd on an ‘ohhhhh.’ So it ended up coming out.

Reese: Oh that’s really funny. Our last moment was Deadpool saying ‘Maximum effort!’ as he goes in to throttle the baby. It does make you squeamish.

Wernick: There’s even a draft of that scene where we back it up even more where he’s standing over baby Hitler and says, ‘God, that is a toughie.’ He finds a Sharpie and draws a mustache on the baby – a little baby mustache – and says ‘Maximum effort!’

Reese: Now he looks just enough like him that he can get up the courage to do it.”

It’s a shame these two scenes were cut, but the final film is still very, very funny.

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SOURCE: Uproxx