– by Nick Doll

It seemed awfully well timed that Avengers: Infinity War would feature so much Wakanda, even in the teaser trailer released before Black Panther. Black Panther obviously turned out to be a huge hit that none-one imagined, and we knew we’d be spending part of an Avengers film in Marvel’s most popular corner of their Cinematic Universe.

Screenrant had a discussion with Avengers: Infinity War producer Nate More, who, in retrospect, actually wishes Marvel Studios had given T’Challa more to do:

“We knew he was going to be in Infinity War and actually had talked with Joe and Anthony [Russo] very early on, and they had got really excited about placing a good chunk of that film in Wakanda. But, having an idea how big an impact he would I have, I think Joe and Anthony, Chris and Steve – Markus and McFeely – would have approached writing that character a bit differently, and probably I think figured out how to explore the world of Wakanda a beat or two more.”

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A beat or two more? In Infinity War? As much as I’d love Black Panther and Wakanda to have more screentime, I don’t know what I’d be willing to lose! Moore admits that doing so would not have been easy:

“The truth is, Infinity War, there’s so much going on as you know, that there’s not a ton of time to stop and smell the roses, but… Panther turned into this cultural touchstone, that I think given our druthers we would go back and figure out ways to sweeten this time we do spend in Wakanda in the film a bit more. Especially, I think, for T’Challa – give him a couple more key beats or scenes, just because he means so much to people so quickly, which again we didn’t anticipate.”

Do you too, think there should have been more Black Panther in Infinity War? What would you cut to make space for it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: Screenrant