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Everyone working on Deadpool 2 seems to be having a great time. More specifically, everyone working on Deadpool 2 seems to think Ryan Reynolds is a gem. Back in late August, Josh Brolin, who plays Cable in the upcoming blockbuster, had nothing but positive things to say about his co-star and producer Reynolds:

“He’s an amazing guy, very smart and really sweet — and really handsome. He’s a smart guy, he’s the one who saw this and tried to get this movie made for eight years and was unable to. I think has such a perfect sensibility. He’s a great producer on it, there’s a lot to trust there.”

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If praise from the great Josh Brolin was not enough to make Reynolds’ year, his other co-star, Zazie Beetz  — who plays Domino in the film — also had some stellar comments about the man who brings Deadpool to life. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Beetz had this to say about Ryan Reynolds:

“Honestly, it’s amazing kind of watching Ryan [Reynolds] do his thing because you think like, ‘Oh, he has the mask on and you can ADR all of it’ or whatever, but he’s genuinely, incredibly talented and really just can do it. It’s pretty impressive to watch.”

Reynolds’ dedication to the character of Deadpool has been impressive indeed, even for those of us not lucky enough to work with the actor. Back during the marketing for the first Deadpool film, Reynolds seemed to be game for anything, doing voice-over work for all sorts of odd advertising including cancer PSAs and Deadpool‘s Honest Trailer. I guess when you get to work on something you are truly passionate about, it shows. And passion is apparently contagious.

Deadpool 2 hits the big screen on June 1, 2018.

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SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight