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One of the things that truly stood out about Deadpool (2016) was the filmmakers love and passion for the character. Ryan Reynolds famously pushed, poked, pulled, and prodded every corner of Hollywood for a decade to get this thing made. The final product was so shockingly fresh and different from everything else in the genre that it literally created a whole new sub-genre of R-rated, mid-budget, auteur superhero films, including Logan, Hellboy, and Spawn (and probably a dozen more just like it to-be-announced before the year is done).

One of the other key things about Deadpool was Reynold’s total commitment to the character. This was not the leather jacket wearing X-Men of 2000 or some other half-baked reinterpretation of the character, no this was a pure comic book translated to screen — and the reason it worked was due to Reynold’s complete immersion into the character.

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So, when the announcement came down that Deadpool 2 was happening and his long-time comic book foil, Cable, would be appearing… fan speculation exploded across the Internet. Who could possibly be worthy of inhabiting this character? It would have to be an actor of tremendous range who can play serious and straight, opposite the Merc with a Mouth. An actor with gravitas, a sense of humor, and a linebacker physique too? That’s a pretty short list.

Early contenders for the role of Cable included a who’s who of leading and character actors, but suffice to say that the eventual choice of Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men, Sicario) was a home run, as far as fans and the media were concerned. Sure, some out there would have preferred Stephen Lang (Avatar, Don’t Breathe), but he was getting up there in age and one hopes that Cable has multiple sequels in his contract.

CinemaBlend posted a disturbing image from Brolin’s Instagram account that suggests he’s working on his angry side. This apparently in-makeup image (I assume this is not what Brolin looks like in the morning) suggests that Cable has some issues to work out, and its probably safe to assume that Deadpool is also annoying the crap out of him too.

Cable Porn #💀💩L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn

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Honestly, I don’t know where Brolin finds the energy to be both Thanos and Cable… though I suspect money has something to do with it (wow, that’s cynical, even for me). Joking aside, it’s pretty clear that Brolin is going toe-to-toe with Reynolds to embrace and immerse into their respective roles.

I have no idea what we’re in for with Deadpool 2, but it’s pretty clear that everyone involved is all-in. Next year’s comic book slate is shaping-up to be something truly spectacular (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Venom, Aquaman).

Does this image of Josh Brolin chewing the scenery get you pumped to see Deadpool 2? Of course it does. Tell us more in the comments down below!

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018.

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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