– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There was a little nugget buried within a story from The Hollywood Reporter that I shared with you earlier today that I believe merited its own article. In the same piece that outlined a potential reboot being in the works for Fox’s X-Men franchise, THR mentioned that the studio was moving full steam ahead with ambitious plans for its Deadpool movies.

While the future of Fox’s main X-Men series seems to be up in the air, that hasn’t stopped the studio from doubling down on Deadpool. Not only are they supremely confident that the film will have a new director soon- following Tim Miller’s sudden departure last month- but they’re actually already plotting out a third Deadpool movie. And that’s not all! The third film will include the arrival of another X-team: X-Force!

Yes, according to THR’s sources, the studio is looking to make Deadpool 3 serve as a proper introduction for the X-Force, which would give them a considerable amount of ground to explore if they’re really thinking of moving away from the current X-Men continuity.

Considering the X-Force is a little more adult-oriented and rough around the edges, it makes sense that Fox wants to move in that direction. The unbelievable response that the first Deadpool received, coupled with the excitement fans around the world are feeling following the brutal and mature trailer for Logan, has shown Fox that there could be a real market out there for violent, R-rated comic book movies. With Marvel Studios courting families, and DC still struggling to settle on its own cinematic identity, Fox may see an opening here to be the studio that offers us brash, bloody, rebellious comic book flicks. 

Beyond the realm of X-Men, Fox has also tasted success in this area with films like Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Might that be their blueprint for the studio’s future?

It’d be hard to argue against them if that’s the direction they end up pursuing. It’d instantly make them the cool kids in the playground, that’s for sure.


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