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DEADPOOL: Some of T.J. Miller’s One-Liners Were Too Dark for the Theatrical Cut

If there’s a Blu-ray release I’m looking forward to this year, it’s likely to be DEADPOOL. We’ve seen the trailers. We know for a fact that the jokes in this one will bye fast and furious–so much so that I’ll probably have to see the film multiple times in order to catch all the jokes that I missed amid my own laughter. From those trailers, it was easy to tell that actors Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller likely performed tons of takes with different lines so that they can choose the funniest ones, and it looks like that presumption was correct.


In an interview with IGN, comedian/actor T.J. Miller mentioned that there were times that these improvisations got so out of hand that he can’t even mention them. 

“Fox had kind of made me not talk about some of the harsher stuff, ’cause I think it got kinda faux racist…some of them were so dark.

There was stuff that was some stuff that was just so ridiculous that even the director was going ‘this is obtuse, and no one is going to be into it.

[Some of the lines were] physically even difficult to imagine, let’s say. We tried to steer clear of those.”

Miller went on to discuss working with Reynolds, and how impressed he was with the latter actor’s ability to improvise.

“I knew that [Ryan Reynolds] was funny, but then you get in the room — it’s the same with anybody. You get in the room with some of these guys and it’s just like ‘Holy smokes.’ As you’re working with them, you’re like ‘this guy knows his sh*t.’ There’s a reason that he’s in the position he’s in. And that’s Ryan Reynolds, is he can improvise with the best with them, and I am the best of them. So we can improvise together.”

That last part was obviously tongue in cheek, but nonetheless it seems to be a ringing endorsement for Reynolds from a very talented comedian.

Admittedly, Miller has somewhat dashed my dreams for the Blu-ray release. If Fox is so worried about the edgier lines even coming to light, it’s doubtful those particular takes will make the outtakes reel, let alone an unrated cut.

But you never know! First things first, we have to see how well the movie does in theaters.

DEADPOOL hits theaters on February 12, 2016.


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